Smart Home: User-friendly Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

The future has arrived, and everyone can automate their home. Here are the best gadgets you can buy to make your home smart.

Smart Speakers

Having futuristic designs, smart speakers look like they have come from the next centuries. These small devices on a voice command turn on music, open a website to play free online slots at Playamo from a kitchen, order food with delivery to the house, and also can simply talk to the owner on a distracted subject.

Here are some of the most popular speakers:

  • Google Home Max can connect to external devices via Wi-Fi with and Bluetooth. It adjusts the sound volume depending on the room and can recognize voice commands even while playing music. It has touch controls and can form a network with other smart speakers to play music around the house.
  • Sonos Move can play music from your smartphone and other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices. It is made of shockproof materials that are resistant to moisture and dust, so it can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen has a built-in Alexa system that creates a balance between the price of the device and the sound quality. It has a spherical design with LED lighting on the bottom, which increases its attractiveness and promotes clearer sound reproduction.

Outlets and Lights

Smart switches, light bulbs and outlets allow you to control electricity and lights throughout the house using your smartphone. Through a mobile app, the owner will be able to turn appliances on and off, set a timer to turn on an appliance at a certain time, and see if the electronic system is overloaded. In case of an emergency, the smart outlets automatically turn off, reducing the threat of short circuits and fires.

A smart home kit allows you to control lights and appliances in the home through a smartphone. The wireless switch can be installed anywhere.

Smart surge protector analyzes power consumption and sends all the data to the owner's smartphone, working on a timer, controlled via smartphone.

It is easy to adjust the brightness with a smart table lamp. The device is controlled through a smartphone or with a touchpad.

Goods for Pets

Technology has not ignored pets. Smart gadgets take care of your pets even when you're not home. You won't have to worry about them going hungry.

The pet drinking fountain gives your pet constant access to drinking water, cleans the water of hair, and works silently.

The smart feeder feeds your pet on a schedule and also allows you to monitor the amount of food via your smartphone.

Air Devices

Contaminated air threatens many diseases in the future. However, modern gadgets help to monitor the condition of the air in the apartment and take action in time.

Temperature and humidity sensor measures air humidity and temperature.

A smart air quality monitoring station measures temperature, humidity and oxygen levels in the air and is controlled via a smartphone.

Smart aroma diffuser allows you to compose your own mix to aromatize the room, works on a timer, controlled via a smartphone.

Household Appliances

Laundry and cleaning take a lot of time and effort. Although smart gadgets cannot completely rid people of this process, they help save time.

A robot vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment by itself and is controlled via a smartphone.

The washing machine automatically cleans and dries after washing, consumes minimum energy, and allows you to add things right during the washing through the additional door.

The kettle can be switched on via a smartphone. It shows the level and temperature of the water inside the device in the mobile app.

The smart garden with light grows plants from seeds by itself. So you do not need to water and monitor the amount of light.

Home Security Devices

Smart gadgets not only make life easier but also safer. With the help of devices, you can monitor what is happening in the house from anywhere in the world. These devices are ideal if you live in a city housing rental like these apartments for rent in Cincinnati. Homeowners will receive notifications on their phones when their door is opened, or they can monitor their apartments via their smartphones.

IP cameras are easy to install at home, and you can access them via smartphone.

Thanks to the smart door handle you can set a password on the door and control the lock of the apartment via a smartphone.