Slow Horses Season 4 of Gary Oldman Spy Drama Gets a Release Date and First-look Images

In a small more than two months, the tv appear “Slow Horses” will be making its make a big appearance on the little screen. Yes, this demonstrates that we won't have to hold up as well much longer until we get to witness the Moderate Steeds handle their another noteworthy case. Each season of the appear concludes with a trailer for the taking after season, which is a well-known convention. The appear has been a colossal victory for Apple TV Plus.

Again, the third season was the same. It was the best tv appear I observed in 2023, and the third season of this British spy thriller was astonishing. As is standard, a trailer for the fourth season was appeared at the conclusion of the 6th and final scene of the season.

great bargain of data with respect to the modern season of the appear has as of now been uncovered to us as a result of this trailer. Since Apple has as of now given its endorsement for a fifth season, we are mindful that a trailer for the fifth season will be discharged after the conclusion of the fourth season's scene.

When Will ‘Slow Horses Season 4' Be premiered?

It has been revealed that the impending release date for the fourth season of the television series Slow Horses on Apple TV+ in the United States will be on Wednesday, September 4th,2024. This television series season will be available to watch on Apple TV+ in the United States of America in exactly two months.

Slow Horses Season 4 release Date

What is the Storyline of ‘Slow Horses Season 4 ‘?

Season 4 of “Slow Horses” has been confirmed to be an adjustment of Mick Herron's 2017 novel “Spook Street,” the fourth novel in his Slough House series. I'm not going to go into full spoilers here — if you need to know everything that seem happen, do a few spy work and perused the book for yourself.

I will, however, give you a brief synopsis of what to expect, and that will entail some spoilers from the past three seasons as well as potential spoilers for season 4.

In season 3 of Slow Horses, we start to see Jonathan Pyrce's David Cartwright (River's grandfather) start to show concerning, early signs of dementia. Those concerns, unfortunately, are real, and in “Spook Street” Waterway must bargain with his grandfather's falling apart mental state whereas moreover managing with a bombarding that has murdered handfuls of civilians.

Season 4 will certainly be messy and won't pull any punches. It'll also be the last time we see a certain cast member — at the end of the season 4 teaser trailer Gary Oldman's Jackson Lamb announces one of his team has died.

Who is in the cast of ‘Slow Horses Season 4'?

Despite its recognizable ensemble cast, the show's principal cast is small. The sole main characters in “Slow Horses” are Gary Oldman's Jackson Lamb, Jack Lowden's River Cartwright, and Kristin Scott Thomas's Diana Taverner.

With the new teaser and casting announcements, we can predict who to expect in season 4. We know the whole cast:

Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb, the washed-up spy in charge of Slough House, aka the “Slow Horses”
Kristin Scott Thomas as Diana Taverner, the former Deputy Director and now (presumed) head of MI5 who has a long history with Lamb.
Jack Lowden as River Cartwright, one of Lamb's “Slow Horses” who is a relatively competent MI5 agent and was raised by his grandfather who was a former MI5 legend.
Saskia Reeves as Catherine Standish, Lamb's secretary and a recovering alcoholic who seemingly leaves Slough House at the end of season 3.
Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy, one of Lamb's “Slow Horses” who is dealing with the trauma of a past relationship with a coworker.

Slow Horses Season 4 release Date
Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho, a member of Slough House who is a tech expert and incredibly annoying.
Sophie Okonedo as Ingrid Tearney, dishonorable ex-head of MI5 who could appear in season 4
Samuel West as Peter Judd, Conservative MP who could also appear in season 4
Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Shirley Dander, one of Lamb's “Slow Horses” who has anger issues and a bit of a drug habit.
Kadiff Kirwan as Marcus Longridge, one of Lamb's “Slow Horses” who has a serious gambling problem.
Jonathan Pryce as David Cartwright, River's grandfather who was an MI5 legend but is slowly losing his mind.
Hugo Weaving as Frank Harkness, likely season 4's main antagonist.
Ruth Bradley as Emma Flyte, seemingly a newly introduced member of MI5.
James Callis as Claude Whelan, seemingly Taverner's new second-in-command at MI5.
Joanna Scanlan as Moira Tregorian, no character details revealed yet
Tom Brooke as J.K. Coe, no character details revealed yet.

Is there a trailer for ‘Slow Horses Season 4 ‘?

The first season 4 trailer, shown at the close of season 3, shows Jackson Lamb in a dreadful position, though he wouldn't say. MI5 is in disarray after a London bombing. Emma Flyte (Ruth Bradley), a new MI5 member, looks to be a Slough House-MI5 liaison. Diana Taverner, MI5's new leader, is using Flyte to ask about Lamb's “rejects.”

River Cartwright, meantime, is in another perilous predicament with Frank Harkness (Hugo Weaving), who wants River to join him or die. In addition, his grandfather (Jonathan Pryce) is failing.

If you have not watched the trailer of ‘Slow Horses season 4' then you can watch it here.


Slough House, a spy series created by Mick Herron, serves as the inspiration for the espionage drama known as Apple TV+, which stars Gary Oldman. The first episode of the show aired in 2022, and it was renewed for a total of two seasons, including Seasons 3 and 4, before the upcoming second season.

Slough House is an unfavorable nickname for the department of MI5 that serves as a dumping site for British intelligence officers. The series is a darkly comedic espionage thriller that follows a dysfunctional squad of British intelligence agents named Slough House.

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