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Slow Horses Season 2 Release Date: New Cast Members And Plot Details!

Slow Horses Season 2

Slow Horses Season 2

Season two of Slow Horses have already been filmed and confirmed by Apple TV+. Hassan survived, Slough House was exonerated, Di Taverner got away with it (sort of), and everyone stayed to fight another day.

The first season has come to an end. The fantastic, darkly comedic spy thriller will surely leave you wishing for a second series, and it is definitely on the way. There was one exception: Sid Baker, who was shot in the head by MI5 and after that “disappeared.”

It's a clear sign of Apple TV+'s confidence, and it's warranted. Having a solid cast in Mick Herron's book series necessitates full utilization of its potential. Season two of Slow Horses, what can we expect?

Release Date for the Second Season of Slow Horses

Slow Horses Season 2

A second season could be released at any time, now that it has been confirmed that the actors and crew filmed two consecutive seasons back-to-back. Waiting a year is unnecessary.

Apple TV+ released a preview for the upcoming episodes on May 7, 2022, with the cryptic reference “coming soon” to a new season. There is no definite release date, but we know it will be sometime around 2022.

Considering how well the first season did, it's safe to assume that Apple will want to go right to work on the third as soon as possible. In an interview with Deadline, Slow Horses executive producer James Hawes revealed that the series has “hit strongly” and that he was “relieved” by the positive response.

“The positive reception, the number of people who have liked and interacted with the series, and the show's global appeal are all astounding. People worldwide seem to be understanding the gist of the movie, based on the reviews, “he stated.

Hawes told Deadline that she had “hope and intention” of “another couple of seasons in the immediate future” to complete the story.

When asked about the upcoming second season, Hawes admitted to The Wrap that he wasn't the director of the “second six” episodes. “That was a bit of a stretch. Those six have been assigned to their new positions. There are more to come, given how well it's received thus far.”

The Cast of Slow Horses Season 2

Slow Horses Season 2

Unless Mick Herron's book Dead Lions is much looser than Slow Horses, we won't be seeing Olivia Cooke in season two for the reasons stated above. Several Slough House and Regents Park favorites are missing from this list:

Antonio Aakeel's Hassan and his captors are done unless the writers are being incredibly sloppy.

Rade erbedjija is joining the cast as – we presume – former Russian agent Nikolai Katinsky in this season's lineup.

Two other new Slough House recruits, Marcus Longridge and Shirley Dander, will be revealed shortly.

According to Variety, Aimee-Ffion Edwards of Peaky Blinders and Kadiff Kirwan of This Is Going to Hurt have been cast in the show, and their roles seem like an obvious fit.

The Storyline for Slow Horses Season 2

Slow Horses Season 2

Dickie Bow, a former low-level informant for Jackson Lamb, rides a train and then a bus with a mystery figure he remembers from his past. It appears that Bow has died from an unspecified ailment, but Lamb feels something is amiss and employs the help of his forlorn crew to dig into Cold War-era mysteries.

A genuine threat to the modern-day United Kingdom looms due to these espionage secrets not being kept under lock and key.

The story is over. The look and feel of the show could undergo considerable revisions. Gloomy, dirty, and grotty describe the first season's aesthetic, which is the furthest thing from James Bond's glitz. That was a conscious decision on my part.

Series cinematographer Danny Cohen described the show as “playing with expectations” (via Below The Line). “For a spy show, it's surprisingly unkempt and grimy. This low-rent Slough House was a welcome change from MI5's high-end headquarters.

The works by Mick Herron are highly detailed due to the author's style. It is at Aldersgate, facing the Barbican, where Slough House is located. So there was nothing we could do wrong.”

The series' striking settings were partly created by combining soundstage interiors with exteriors shot at Slough House. A unique aspect of this show was having the same director and director of photography work together from beginning to end.

Slow Horses' creative consistency makes it feel so cinematic, bringing it much closer to how movies are put together, whereas, on TV, each episode typically has a new writer, director, and cinematographer.

To tell the complete tale was a big part of the draw,” Cohen added. “It was impressive to go through the process step-by-step and pay close attention to the smallest details. A lot of control was given to us through it.”

In season two, don't anticipate the same aesthetic to continue. If not for series three, though.

Cohen admitted to watching the entire first season. “The director/DP team for the second book, Dead Lions, has changed. The third book, Real Tigers, will be written by myself. Preparation for that is scheduled to begin in the first week of May.”

A Trailer for the Second Season of Slow Horses

Apple has released the first official teaser for the second season of Slow Horses, and fans eagerly await more.

“What will happen when Jackson Lamb and his gang have something to do?” the streaming platform teased on social media after revealing the sneak glimpse.

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