Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Release Date, Recap, Where To Read and More!

The male protagonist of Sleeping Ranker has trouble sleeping in the real world, so he resorts to napping in a virtual reality massively multiplayer online game. After sleeping for 10,000 hours in the game, he gains access to a legendary class weapon that greatly improves his chances of advancing through the levels and acquiring wealth.

Agni, Korea's number-31 player according to official rankings, was located on Hamelpis Peak. Even with his fireproof footwear, he could feel the scorching heat coming from the mountain's base.

Those who didn't bring a suit would definitely perish there. The heart of the fire dragon, who lives in a hidden cavern deep within Hamelpis Mountain, was the fabled magnificent item of the mountain.

Obviously, Agni was meant to have this. To get that made him very happy. Agni was prepared to face the slumbering dungeon dragon. Along the way, he comes across a man sleeping soundly on the floor, unprotected by a protective suit.

When Agni examines his attire, he discovers that all of his weapons and clothing are of legendary quality and could prove handy in battle. Agni wanted the man dead so he could have his stuff, so he assaulted him.

The sleeping man avoided his strike, activating his sleepwalking ability and making things worse for Agni. Just as he was about to finish him off, a sleeping man awoke and attacked. If Agni were to die, the man who defeated him would go back to sleep for 24 hours, during which time Agni wouldn't be able to log in.

A sword and some gold coins were waiting for him when he awoke, which took him by surprise. He realized instantly that his abilities were restored, and he was grateful for the money. In this article, we will read Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Release Date in detail.

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Release Date: When Is It Going to Release?

The publication of Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 is slated to take place on May 31 (KST), 2023.

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Release Date

Let's Take A Look at The Recap of Sleeping Ranker Chapter 69

Sleeping Ranker's chapter 69 shows the group debating who will lead which guild. Both Joonggu and Henry want leadership positions inside the black hunter guild. Asura's participation in the 100s level tournament meant that they couldn't function independently as planned.

Zerable was able to leave without much difficulty because of this. A discussion of the affiliated Shinwa Guild, the Hero Guild, follows. The members of the guild and the guild master were close in real life, and they all helped each other out when they needed it.

This meant that Rin, master of the Hero's Guild, was also a member of the Conglomerate's royal family. It was hard to determine which Conglomerate she belonged to because she rarely attended high-society events.

Therefore, the four put off their assault on the Shinwa guild until a later time. They made a pact to only engage in battles they could really expect to win. Having one professional player meant that, given enough time, they would win; the question was what would happen if Asura switched to the Hero Guild.

Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Release Date

If you believed the number of views on his YouTube channel, you knew it would be next to impossible to sign him up. They abandoned the Asura project in favor of the Hero and Shinwa guilds.

Since the Emperor, or Yuriah, would not approve of Rin serving under anyone else, Rin asked to form an alliance with Hyunsung. Hyunsung will be able to get the best deals on gear and learn everything there is to know about each species when he has created his own member guild and joined the hero guild.

He needed just complete the primary scenario. Only Hero Guild itself was actively recruiting members because it was the only organization that could finish the main scenario. Hyunsung was bestowed with an unrivaled talent, allowing him to zero in on his opponent's vulnerable spots, launch devastating attacks, and quickly bring an end to the fight.

Where You Can Read Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70 Online?

Kakao Page will host the uncensored version of Sleeping Ranker Chapter 70. The English translation will also be available on Tapas Media at the same time.

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