Updated Information on the Upcoming Survival Fps ‘Sker Ritual’ Is Now Available!

Sker Ritual, the follow-up to Wales Interactive's Maid of Sker, was revealed in a teaser trailer back in November. More information has now been given by the developer regarding the four-player co-op survival first-person shooter, which is still planned to debut later this year.

Sker Ritual is set after the events of Maid of Sker and takes place in the 1900s, with “a little more of a steampunk influence” this time around.

Sker Ritual

It follows the characters from Maid of Sker. Rather than being a survival wave shooter, the game will have a fully-fleshed story campaign integrated into it instead.

The game will also have in-game challenges and objectives, as well as some “soon-to-be-unveiled events.” You'll be able to play it either solo or in 4-player co-op with other people.

This time around, players will be venturing into “The Cursed Lands of Lavernock,” a new part of Sker Island that has been designated as “The Cursed Lands of Lavernock.”

To survive the onslaught and finish their objective via an abandoned Cathedral and sections reminiscent of the first game's Sker Hotel, players will have to utilize their wits and ingenuity to navigate their way through everything from a small fishing village to a secret underground lab.

Fortunately, you'll have plenty of weapons at your disposal during Sker Ritual. You'll be able to purchase your goods from The Laughing Policeman booths, which will be set up in various areas around the island.

Sker Ritual

If you've played Maid of Sker's Challenge mode, you'll be familiar with names like The Blazeslinger, The Banshee, The Mariner, and The Phantom, and you'll need them to defeat the new “Quiet Ones.”

In case you were wondering, the developers are planning a beta test for the game, which you can keep track of by following them on social media and subscribing to their emails.

After that, the game will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series at a later date. Sker Ritual will be released on the PC via Steam in Q2 2022.

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