Sker Ritual – An Upcoming Spine-Chilling Shooting Game!

Hyperviolence and horror are inextricably linked, and when you combine them with action-packed gameplay, you have the perfect recipe for an addicting game, even if the excessive weapons take away from the horror aspect of the game altogether.

Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual is a spiritual sequel to Maid of Sker, although it shifts the focus of the gameplay to one that is more action-oriented.

What Is Sker Ritual About?

Cardiff-based developer and publisher Wales Interactive has unveiled Sker Ritual, a four-player cooperative survival first-person shooter that serves as a sequel to the survival horror thriller Maid of Sker, which was released in 2020.

The following is the description on the game's Steam page: “The co-op survival first-person shooter and spiritual successor to the award-winning occult horror, Maid of Sker.” Survive the supernatural attack of The Quiet Ones as a lone player or with a group of up to four other players.”

Sker Ritual

A 15-second teaser trailer is included in Wales Interactive's release, and it provides us a taste of the different gaunt, horrific monstrosities that you and your pals may look forward to shooting in the face when Sker Ritual launches next year.

Maid of Sker was an atmospheric horror game that emphasized stealth as players attempted to avoid being attacked by blind enemies with hyper-sensitive hearing known as The Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones are still present in Sker Ritual, though keeping quiet appears to be less of a concern in the game's trailer.

It's also unclear how much of a narrative connection Maid of Sker will have to this ‘spiritual successor,' aside from the continued presence of the Quiet Ones, and how the significant shift in genre and gameplay will affect the previous entry's survival horror elements will be affected by the prominent shift in genre and gameplay.

Sker Ritual Trailer

One of the most significant changes between this and the original title is the heavy emphasis placed on first-person shooter gameplay. With no combat in the previous title, your only option was to flee and hide from oncoming adversaries. However, if the little clips of gameplay we've seen so far are to be trusted, you're carrying more punch than an action movie character this time around.

In addition, the gameplay is no longer limited to a single-person experience. You may team up with three other people to fight out swarms of opponents in a manner similar to that of many other co-op horde shooters that have been making the rounds recently on the market.

A number of the weapons, including crossbows, hatchets, and the classic double-barrelled shotgun, appear to be a lot of fun, as evidenced by the screenshots. It goes without saying that how pleasurable it is to blow up foes will serve as the true test of the gameplay experience.

So far, the only gameplay videos we've seen have come from the teaser trailer, which you can see in its entirety by clicking here.

Sker Ritual Release Date

Sker Ritual is a game that will be released later this year that was mentioned only a few weeks ago.

In November 2021, a teaser trailer showcasing some of the game's gameplay was released, but there was no mention of a release date or a time frame for the game's release. Instead, it simply reminded users that they could add the game to their Steam wishlist.

Sker Ritual

Since then, there hasn't been an official announcement of the game's release date, but we can get a general sense of when the game will be released by looking at the Steam website.

Sker Ritual is expected to be released somewhere during the second quarter of 2022, provided that the release date listed on the Steam page is accurate.

Final Words

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