Silvinho Xavier Justifies the Team and Explains the Second Half Alternatives

The Corinthians entered the field this Sunday afternoon with a completely different line-up than fans have been accustomed to seeing since Coach Sylvinho arrived. After the 1-1 draw against Fluminense, the coach talked about changes, especially with defensive midfielder Xavier playing the role of Condillo.

“Xavier is an athlete, by trade, the first midfielder. We understand that Condillo has been very tired for this game, with six games in a row. Xavier had a good game, they have different characteristics. Condillo has the best technical quality, Xavier has good padding and support for the game, but that move has given him a good start, ”he explained at a press conference.

“Gustavo knew that good guy would come. Young athletes mature in difficult games and complex situations, but they develop and respond well,” Silvinho said.

The captain had already commented on the body language of some players other than Candillo after Thursday's 2-1 win over Alvinegra against Sport. These are the cases of Gustavo Mosquito, who returned to the team on Thursday after being released from the club to resolve personal issues related to the loss of his father, and Witinho, who was asked to replace Bernambuco.

“I don't think it's a physical aspect, it changes the game, that's why we emerged to find the goal. It gives the impression that we can physically give up space. Shows.

Alternatives to the Corinthian coach were discussed at the press conference. Vital, Condillo, Atson and Ronnie took the place of Aras, Xavier, Mosquito and Gabriel respectively.

“Arrows already had a yellow card and was in danger in the game. We won deeply in the presence of Vital. Yesterday he did not train, we were worried, but he is recovering. That is the purpose. It might help us. On the right, with Gustavo's fatigue, it can give more depth and speed. Ronnie, on the other hand, Gabriel's fatigue.

Silvinho also explained why Ramiro was not the most frequently used player in the final stages of the game, and why he chose to rule. This Sunday, The midfielder's loan from the United Arab Emirates to Al Wasl was confirmed. The bond is valid for one year and the athletic contract with Dimeo runs until December 2022.

“Yes, Ramiro is saying goodbye today. It's true. We ended up not using it as a result of the replacement. .

On Wednesday, the team returns to the field for the eighth round of Brazil. At the Neo Cumica Arena, he will play a classic against Sao Paulo at 9:30 p.m. Dimeo is tenth in the table with nine points.

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