SideArms Face Reveal: Unmasking the Popular YouTuber’s Identity!

Many celebrities in the huge realm of YouTube gaming and content creation have amassed massive followings while keeping a portion of their identities disguised.

Sidearms, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his humorous commentary and amusing gaming material, is one such individual.

For years, fans have eagerly awaited a glimpse of Sidearms' face, and in this article, we'll explore the highly anticipated Sidearms face reveal.

Who Is SideArms?

SideArms whose real name is Albi Alberts, rose to prominence as a member of the gaming group “The Crew,” which includes popular YouTubers such as KYRSP33DY, Deluxe 4, and Deluxe 20.

While Sidearms has been a significant character in online gaming and content creation for many years, he has managed to keep his face hidden from his audience, lending to his persona's mystique.

SideArms Face Reveal

SideArms did not formally reveal his face to his fans and followers on social media. A video purporting to show SideArms4Reason's face has yet to be verified. Fans and followers may stay up to speed with his face reveal by following him on social media.

SideArms on Social Media

SideArms4Season or Albi (SideArms) can be found on social media. Twitter is one of them. Albi began using Twitter in July 2010. He has 346.4K followers, whereas Albi has 611 followers.

Albi frequently tweets about video games including Minecraft, AmongUs, WWE, Rocket League, Homies, New Mario, BBQ, and others. He is currently tweeting about the New Merchandise with limited-time offers of hoodies, sweaters, and other items.

There is no official Instagram account with the same name as SideArms4Reason. Instead, there is Albitakinphotos, who appears to be the SideArms4Reason's youngest crew member.

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So far, he has made ten posts about the things he enjoys. He has a total of 9.4K followers. In his Instagram post, he also followed 13 people.

What Is SideArms' Real Name?

SideArms4Reason is also known as SideArms. His real name, according to Crew Craft Fandom, is Albi. Despite his popularity, there is little additional information about him on Wikipedia other than a few details discovered in the Crew Craft Fandom.

How Old is SideArms?

SideArms is 25 years old as of September 2023. Albi is his true name, and he was born on October 20, 1997. He was born and raised in Kosovo, a self-governing country. His age has not been revealed in any other detail. We will update it as soon as we receive new information regarding SideArms.

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