Shredders for 2022: The Best Choices for Safely Destroying Documents!

The greatest shredders of 2022 have the potential to be valuable tools in the fight against identity fraud.

They will enable you to securely destroy critical papers in a rapid, simple, and efficient manner, and, in contrast to past models, modern shredders are compact and silent as well as secure.

The greatest shredders also include a variety of capabilities that allow you to shred non-paper documents and goods, such as credit cards, as well as paper documents and items.

As a result, they make an excellent addition to any home office, and many shredders are now more affordable than they have ever been.

Paper shredders are an excellent way to protect private information, whether you need one for your house or for a business that deals with sensitive information.

In order to assist you in finding the one that is ideal for your setup, we've compiled a list of the top ones available, taking both functionality and value into consideration.

1. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper shredder


Size: 26.5 x 39 x 54.2 cm
Weight: 12.8kg
Features: 100% jam-proof, continuous shredding

It has a 23-liter capacity and features a cross-cut mechanism that slices and dices everything you put into it in two directions for optimal security.

It is a wonderful all-around pick for the office and the home, as well as for small businesses. One of the best features of this model is that it is completely jam-proof, which means that you will never have to battle with it to get paper that has become stuck out.

Because it is equipped with SafeSense Technology, which shuts the unit immediately if anyone's fingers come dangerously close to its internal components, it is an excellent choice for home offices.

This model also features an input capacity of 14 sheets, which is twice the amount of paper seen on other budget models.

2. Bonsaii Evershred

Bonsaii Evershred

Size: 31.8 x 24.1 x 50.5 cm
Weight: 16.8lbs
Features: 30 minutes continuous shredding, low noise

With a running period of up to 30 minutes and the ability to shred 3500 sheets of A4 paper in a single charge, the Bonsaii Evershred is an excellent choice for chewing through all of those documents you've been putting off for a while.

A similar shredder to our top pick, it has a maximum shredding capacity of 14 sheets and slices paper into tiny 5mm x 50mm particles — it will also shred credit cards, CDs, even staples if you want to get really creative.

This model has a jam protection system with autostart and autoreverse, which prevents you from having to deal with the irritation of paper jams.

It also has a 17-liter pull-out bin, which, while not the largest in its class, is still more than adequate.

3. Rexel 2101942UK

Rexel 2101942UK

Size: 38.2 x 23.6 x 38.6 cm
Weight: 4.46kg
Features: Compact design, auto start, and stop

This Rexel shredder is a compact yet capable machine that can shred a variety of documents, including bank statements, utility bills, and credit cards – but be mindful that it does not destroy compact discs.

The software does, however, assist with GDPR compliance, protecting your company from identity theft by disposing of your papers in a secure and compliant manner.

It is suitable for paper sizes up to A4 and features an auto-start and stop function, as well as the ability to run in reverse for the purpose of cleaning paper jams.

This shredder operates in short bursts, with each cycle lasting up to two minutes before it must be stopped for a cool-down time of one minute. Rexel Shredder Oil sheets are available for purchase separately.

Its small bin has a capacity of 7.5 liters and you may extend the life of the shredder by routinely oiling it with the sheets.

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