Shocking Revelation: the Real Reason Behind Tony’s Death in Ganglands Season 2!

In the second season of Ganglands, Tony's preparations to escape with his family for Italy are put on wait as he is arrested by Commissioner Herman and made a target of Almeida. A rift develops between Mehdi and Liana and Tony after they murder Chris and steal his diamonds.

Tony wants to take his family to Italy, while Mehdi and Liana are excited about moving to Canada. Almeida comes looking for them, so their plans have to be put on hold. Chris' client Javier, who was also the son of Los Soles' leader, was hurt during the heist and taken to the hospital.

Almeida was dispatched by Javier's dad to deal with the attacker who hurt his kid. While Mehdi was dealing with Almeida's fury, Chris's murder investigation led Commissioner Herman straight to Tony.

Tony is blackmailed by Herman into turning on Mehdi and leading him into their trap. Tony agrees, but when he spots an opportunity, he alerts Mehdi so the two of them can make a break for it together.

Mehdi tells Herman that he would submit to the police in three days after learning that the authorities are holding Tony's family members. The three of them, Mehdi, Tony, and Liana, immediately get to work on the Almeida matter.

How Does Almeida End Up With Tony's Family?

It is against Almeida that Tony, Mehdi, Liana, and Saber unite. In the heat of the conflict, Almeida approaches Commissioner Herman for assistance in obtaining information about his opponents.

The faithful colleague Almeida relies on to transmit a message on behalf of Los Soles and attacks Herman's sister, leading Herman to believe that Mehdi is working for Los Soles. Not only does Commissioner Herman begin to have faith in Almeida, but she also provides him with all the details he requires concerning Mehdi and Tony.

A fierce battle erupts between Mehdi and Almeida. Even after Almeida offers Mehdi a bargain, he continues to attack. As he finds out where Mehdi is hiding, he orders his soldiers to retrieve his money and eliminate any potential threats.

Tony's Death in Ganglands Season 2

Almeida receives this data from Commissioner Herman's officers. Liana tells Mehdi and Tony that their hideout was attacked, so Tony requests additional protection from Herman for his family.

Mehdi's refuge is discovered by Herman, but all he finds is Nahel's dead body. Herman doesn't believe Tony when he says that Almeida is to blame and that he's the one who's from Las Soles.

What Happens to Tony? Does He Take His Own Life?

After having Saber's attorney aid in locating Tony's family, Mehdi, and his friend get to the residence only to discover that all of the members had been murdered. Tony is about to see what he just saw, and he tries to stop him.

Tony realizes what's wrong and returns home to visit his dead loved ones. Mehdi grants him a moment of privacy at his request, but within seconds he hears a gunshot, leading him to believe that Tony has taken his own life.

Mehdi gives Liana a call to break the news that Tony has passed away. When Tony's family is found by the police, Herman can't help but question who else might have known their whereabouts.

After learning that Almeida knew about the location outside of Herman's squad, she realises that Tony was telling the truth all along.

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