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‘Shining Girls’ Review: ‘Offset’ Recap/ Review | Is ‘Dan’ No Longer Alive?

Shining Girls Review: A gripping drama with top-notch acting. The first few episodes are a touch slow, but as the tale progresses, you’ll be completely sucked in.

In his time-traveling character, Jamie Bell is terrifying, Elizabeth Moss is brilliant, and Wagner Moura plays a very credible supporting role.

I’m not going to give any spoilers because I believe viewers should see each episode. This first season has one more episode left, and I can’t wait to see it.

‘Shining Girls’ Episode 7 ‘Offset’ Recap/Review

Last week’s Shining Girls episode took us on a journey into Harper’s history.

Shining Girls Review

We received a much greater understanding of how The House works, including how it corrodes the soul of whoever now “owns” it, in addition to witnessing how he moved from being a horrible person to a supernatural force of evil.

Having said that, there’s still a lot we don’t know about The House. What we do know is why Harper decided to go for Kirby in the first place.

This week, we’ll uncover why Harper chose the day and time he did to assault Kirby and his other victims.

In the meantime, Dan and Kirby’s inquiry will have some unexpected and explosive results.

There will be plenty of spoilers in the recap section of this review, as is customary.

It will also include what we believe will be a useful analysis to assist you to navigate the series’ more ambiguous/obscure clues.

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For clarity, we’ll compress elements of the narrative’s broken timeframe along the way.

Turning Point

The episode begins with Kirby/Sharon before Harper’s 1986 attack.

She appears to be joyful, confident, and unafraid, which is devastating to behold given what we know is about to happen.

Shining Girls Review

  • She returns home from work to find her mother (Rachel) has stopped by to take a shower because the water at her residence has been switched off.
  • Rachel is thrilled for Sharon after learning that she has been handed her first single byline at the Chicago Tribune, even though the two fight a little.
  • Sharon walks her dog (Tokoyo) near the shore later that evening.
  • Harper comes at her from behind seconds after Tokoyo rips the leash from her grip.
  • We see/hear flashes of his heinous attack without the benefit of being clinically distanced from it this time.
  • We then go to the present (1992), where Kirby is telling Jinny about her attack while Dan sits with them.
  • Jinny responds that her interaction with Harper the night before (back in episode 5) felt the same way when Kirby says it felt like Harper was one step ahead of her.
  • Jinny, on the other hand, wasn’t there for her; he was there to deliver a message to Kirby.
  • Jinny sends Harper’s message that Kirby will be notified anytime he feels something.
  • Kirby realizes Harper is the driving force behind her reality alterations after learning that he mentioned this about the same time Dan’s car transformed.

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When Jinny inquires about Harper’s return, Kirby says that he stole her old museum key and placed it in the possession of another woman.

‘Shining Girls’ Episode 7: Explanation of the Ending – Is Dan no longer alive? Jin-Reality: Sook’s What Happened?

Dan and Freddie receive a letter from the records office with the address of the auditorium where Klara used to perform while waiting for Kirby at the office.

Shining Girls Review

Jin-Sook attends the celebration organized in her honor, exactly as she did in Episode 1 of “Shining Girls.”

Someone alerts her to an issue in the Ogden live broadcast, just like they did in the first episode.

And, without a second thought, she dashes to the telescope room, just like she did in the first episode.

But something about it irritates her, and the moment when Harper is supposed to emerge (like in the first episode) passes her by.

Kirby, armed with a knife, instead arrives to protect Jin-Sook. Dan and Freddie make their way into the auditorium.

Dan orders Freddie to stay in the car while he investigates the location.

Kirby wonders why Harper isn’t attacking Jin-Sook at the planetarium.

Jin-Sook leaves Kirby to attend her seminar for reasons that only she understands.

Dan is ambushed and killed by Harper. Dan snatches something from Harper as he falls to the floor, while Harper removes his jacket and leaves Dan to die.

When Jin-Sook gets close to the conference room, she is stopped because she isn’t supposed to be there.

Jin-Sook recognizes that her reality has altered (and she’s even aware of it) when Gary enters as the keynote speaker.

She rushes outside to find Kirby has also changed, implying that Kirby and Jin-Sook are now two-of-a-kind individuals who are victims of Harper’s attacks and capacity to alter reality.

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Harper is seen leaving the scene wearing Dan’s jacket, which Freddie observes. He emphasizes this and wants Harper to explain why he has it.

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