The Untold Story of Shaun Ryder Net Worth and How He Amassed His Fortune!

Shaun William George Ryder is a poet, musician, and singer from England. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he was a major player in the Madchester subculture as the main singer of the band Happy Mondays.

Black Grape was founded in 1993 when he teamed up with Happy Mondays' dancer Bez. In this article, we will read about Shaun Ryder Net worth in detail. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Who Is Shaun Ryder?

Shaun Ryder is the face of Happy Mondays as the band's lead singer. 60-year-old Little Hulton native and former lead vocalist of the '90s rock band Happy Mondays Shaun Ryder is a well-known UK singer-songwriter.

Hits like “24 Hour Party People” and “Step On” helped make the group famous in the late '80s and early '90s. Despite numerous lineup changes, the band is still widely recognized as a landmark of British rock.

Shaun Ryder Net Worth

It's Great When You're Straight… Yeah, Ryder and Black Grape's debut album, topped the UK Albums Chart when it was released in 1993. Shaun has been seen on popular shows like “Would I Lie to You,” “I'm a Celebrity,” and “Gogglebox” in recent years.

Quick Facts About Shaun Ryder 

Full Name Shaun William George Ryder
Date of Birth 23 August 1962
Place of Birth Little Hulton, Lancashire, England
Genres Alternative dance, Alternative Rock, Baggy, Britpop, Electronica Madchester
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Television Personality, Author
Instrument Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Tambourine
Labels Factory
Member of Happy Mondays, Black Grape

What Is Shaun Ryder Net Worth?

However, Shaun's life was not without its share of highs and lows. However, he eventually became very wealthy. According to Otakukart, As of May 2023, he has a net worth of $3 million.

Shaun Ryder makes his living in a variety of ways, including television shows, baking, writing, performing, and selling products. In 2006, Shaun was a part of the British comedy-drama ‘Shameless,' and in 2004, he had his own documentary.

Later, in 2010 and 2011, he made guest appearances on I'm A Celebrity and That Sunday Night Show. TV shows including “Would I Lie To You,” “Celebrity Mastermind,” “Celebrity Juice,” “Mandy,” and “News Thing” are also available.

A column that was actually authored by John Warburton but received credit under his name appeared in the Daily Sport. In 2011, he also released his autobiography, titled “Twisting My Melon.”

Shaun and his brother Keith launched their bakery in March 1972 with a single storefront in Dawlish, South Devon. Shaun made $158,145 from his appearance on I'm a Celebrity and his autobiography, and $36,495 from his column in Daily Sports, as reported by a tabloid daily in the United Kingdom.

Shaun grew up with a postal worker for a father and a nurse for a mother. So, he wasn't affluent, but he had all he needed, and he tended to spend money rather than put it away. At the age of 13, he began robbing banks and soon had more money than his father.

But he did not provide any further clarification. When Shaun was 13, he worked on a building site where he built about 3,000 dwellings for $25 each. He quit his former job when he was 15 and began working as a mail carrier.

There, his weekly salary was just $18.85. That meant a drastic fall.

Did Shaun Ryder Win “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”?

While Stacey Solomon, a TV personality and X Factor star, won I'm a Celeb 2010, Shaun Ryder came in second. During Shaun's time in the jungle, he and Scottish TV personality and dietician Gillian McKeith competed against one another.

Shaun Ryder Net Worth

His controversial statement to Ant and Dec went something like this: “If Gillian was my wife, she would be in pieces in a plastic bag deep in a hole in the back garden.”

Let's Take A Look at Shaun Ryder's Vast Career

Shaun Ryder left school at a young age to begin working on a construction site, and he never returned. In time, he developed an appreciation for tunes. Both the English rock bands “Black Grape” and “Happy Mondays” feature him on their albums.

When asked about the evolution of Happy Mondays, Shaun mentioned two distinct periods: 1999–2000 and 2004–present. Mark Day performed guitar, Gary Whelan played drums, Paul Davis played keyboards, and Shaun's late brother Paul Ryder played bass.

Black Grape was founded by Shaun in Salford in 1993. It consisted of the original Happy Mondays plus the Ruthless Assassins. In 1995, its popularity skyrocketed. The group's subsequent album, issued in 1995, was a commercial flop, and by 1998, the members had parted ways.

In 2010, they reunited for a brief while and put out a few more records.

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