Shadows House Season 3: Is There Still Hope of Season 3?

Fans of the anime version of Shadows House will be glad to hear that there is still a lot of source material for season 3. Shadows House has a style and mood that are hard to find in other shows regarding supernatural slice-of-life anime.

The popular CloverWork show came back for a second season in the summer of 2022, but it will end today with the airing of the 12th and last episode.

Fans, on the other hand, are already thinking about the future. Shadows House season 3 is still TBA, but the world can be sure that the anime will continue into the third season.

Is There Still Hope of Shadows House Season 3?

On September 12, 2022, Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 came out. So we know there won't be any news about the anime until the next month. Also, the Shadows House Season 3 will likely come out at the beginning of 2024. But the people who make the show have not even unofficially confirmed that there would be a third season.

Shadows House Season 3

The work on making the anime would take at least a year or even more than that. So, the next season's trailer might come out in the winter of 2023. But these are just wild guesses until there is the official confirmation that they are true.

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A Quick Recap

The second season of the anime was all about the Shadow House and all of its dark secrets. Maryrose was the one who showed what the house was really like. It showed that the place is worse than a butcher's house, where people are killed from the inside.

The adults then control them and combine them with their shadows. It's just a suicide mission for the still-alive dolls, who don't know what they're willing to give up for the house and partner. Coffee is the thing that makes the living dolls and their shadows forget everything they have ever thought or remembered.

Shadows House Season 3

But the most surprising thing was when Anthony showed up. It showed that there must be a hidden way out of the room that only Anthony knows about. He moved the bags of soot to the side of the passageway so no one would see him.

He seems to know where every door in the Shadow House opens. He made it all those years without help from anyone. But it doesn't look like he has good intentions. But Kate and Barbara must figure out how to solve these mysteries.

Also, the adults will be more careful, so it would be best to plan the rebellion as soon as possible in the next season. Watching Shadow House Season 2, Episode 12, was fun.

What's Going to Happen in Season 3?

The voices of the children's wing will come out in Season 3 of The Shadows House. Maryrose was the one who carried the flag, which gave Kate and Emilio hope. Also, Barbara has joined the fight to get the adults and their stupid rules out of the children's wing.

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The first goal would be to get rid of the coffee on the wing. But it wouldn't be as easy as it seems at first. Kate and Barbara must first clean the dolls' minds together. Living dolls can't think well when they've had too much coffee. Also, it removes the dolls' links to the real life they used to live.

Shadows House Season 3

Also, none of it can be told to the adults. Edward would be looking into Barbara and Maryrose to find out the truth. So Kate and Emilio might be able to put the plan into action. But it looks like Belle has already stopped drinking coffee from the main house.

So, she is acting strangely and thinking a lot about her future in that closed house. So, Kate's primary goal is to stop the living dolls from freaking out when they come back to themselves.

Shadows House: When Will Season 3 Come Out?

The most likely time for Shadows House Season 3 to come out is in January 2023. But it can't be said for sure because the creators just finished making the second season.

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Also, it might take a few months to decide if the show will come back for a third season to entertain the audience once more.

Shadows House Season 2 – Official Trailer