Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: Do Alina and Mal Break Up?

Learn about the exciting plot of Shadow and Bone season 2, including Alina and Mal's search for a second amplifier, the reappearance of Kirigan and his efforts to win over the Grisha, Kaz's quest for revenge against Pekka, and Mal's discovery of his family history.

The article also explains the season's conclusion, including the death of the Darkling, Mal's decision to become Sturmhond, and the rift between Alina and Mal.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Plot Synopsis

On the run, Alina & Mal end up at Novyi Zem. They hope to locate another amplifier so that they may travel the globe together. But, Lieutenant Bohdan sees them & now everyone is after Alina because of the twenty million Fjerdan bounty on her head.

But she gets some assistance from a pirate ship captained by the smooth-talking & charismatic Sturmhond, who would instead be called a privateer than a pirate. He's a brilliant inventor in his own right & he quickly becomes instrumental in Alina & Mal's search for the mythical Sea Whip, the second amplifier.

But after witnessing his insanity, Genya and David decide to go. With the help of Baghra's abilities, she is able to escape his grasp & rescue Genya from imprisonment. On the other hand, Kaz is leading the Crows back to victory as he seeks revenge on Pekka for killing his brother.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

They recruit Nina to become one of the crows & she proves to be an invaluable asset in their quest to eliminate Pekka. As Nina's efforts have been fruitless, Pekka travels to the Hellgate prison where Matthias is being held.

Season 2 of Shadow and Bone concludes with her securing an official pardon for him, but it's still insufficient. As Kaz frees Inej and she aids Alina in defeating Kirigan's shadow army, Inej sets out to find her brother.

In the meantime, Mal discovers the truth about his family history. Mal gives his life to help vanquish the Darkling & wipe out the Fold in the climactic showdown. Alina resorts to an illegal approach in an effort to bring back her lost love & the experience transforms her into a gloomy person, all while Mal sets out on an adventure of his own.

Shadow and Bone season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does The Darkling Die?

In the second season of Shadow and Bone, Alina Starkov is responsible for the death of General Kirigan, also known as the Darkling. He devotes the entirety of the sequel to tracking down and reuniting with Alina.

At first glance, it appears that they are simply too powerful for him, harming him with maladies like bloody coughs in the process. Nevertheless, at the season's end, it becomes clear that he has little to no control over the shadow monsters.

During the course of the show, have been wreaking havoc & devouring many bodies, including Baghra's. During the decisive battle in the center of the Fold, Kirigan attempts a Cut on Mal, but Alina summons her light & counterattacks well, dealing severe harm to the Darkling.

Kirigan approaches Alina again after destroying the Fold, asking her to be at his side, only to be stabbed by her with Sankta Neyar's unrelenting sword. The Darkling begs Alina to kill him to the last while he is still alive.

She builds a funeral pyre for his body and has Zoya and Genya torch it before she does the deed. Despite the fact that the Darkling might theoretically be resurrected in later seasons.

What Happens When Mal Becomes Sturmhond?

Whilst Mal and Alina's story in the books do finish happily following the events of Ruin and Rising, it looks like their TV counterparts may have to wait a while longer to be together forever.

Here, Mal is understandably shaken to his core by the realization that he is, in fact, a legendary magical creature, and is concerned that he and Alina only met and fell in love due to forces beyond their control.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

If they were just brought together to complete their destinies as Sun Summoner and amplifier, how can they be sure their feelings are genuine? Mal, unable to find serenity, decides he needs space to focus on himself, with the hope that he and Alina will come back together when they are both making the right decisions.

Nikolai suggests to Mal that he pretend to be the legendary privateer Sturmhond again in order to serve Ravka, travel the world, and figure out what he wants out of his second chance at life.

This is obviously motivated by Nikolai's own crush on Alina. He takes Tolya and Tamar with him, and even Inej, for reasons that aren't immediately clear.

Do Alina and Mal Break Up?

Mal and Alina had planned to live and travel the world together. The price placed on her head, however, made such a life impossible for them. The Darkling, however, continued to exist and spiral farther into madness, necessitating Alina's pursuit of greater might in order to bring him to justice.

To do that, she requires amplifiers, and she does obtain a big boost after utilizing the second amplifier, but she’s horrified to realize that the third amplifier is none other than Mal himself.

As soon as the area is mapped out, however, she enlists Nina's aid in rescuing Mal, who puts up an internal fight while Nina begs Alina to give him a reason to be around. Alina is currently sitting next to him, calling out to him while holding his hand.

In the vision, a young Mal lies near a young Alina, in a field, with the two connecting hands. After all other options have been exhausted, Alina considers a drastic measure that Baghra has warned her against.

Mal, Inej, Tolya & Tamar join him on his pirate ship & his new life as Sturmhond, an identity given to him by Nikolai. By the end of Season 2 of Shadow and Bone, Mal has become a privateer & has set sail for the seas & Alina has taken up dark abilities like the Darkling.

But, they have both agreed that if they ever meet together again, it will be of their own free choice and not by some predetermined fate.

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