Serum [PC] – What We Know So Far

The fate of the upcoming serum is as mysterious as time travel. A press release with a lot of vagueness indicates that there isn't much to say about this other than the fact that it will be available on Steam. Because it has a Steam page, we can use the process of deduction to figure it out.

What is Serum about?

Perhaps in the gaming world, this elusiveness will generate enough excitement, but if it weren't for the trailer, it could have easily gone unnoticed by the general public. Even then, it's not really apparent what the game is about, other than a potentially lethal virus.

Serum [PC]

Serum is a survival game, and you'll need it because the serum is responsible for keeping you alive, not simply for all of the nutrients that are being absorbed by your hair. As mentioned below, the purpose appears to be to create a sense of mystery:

In our latest survival project, we want to bring the element of mystery. We meet our character right after he gets an implant with a microchip and his bloodstream is filled with the deadly virus. After waking up, he sees a timer on the forearm, which indicates the remaining lifetime – Michał Ojrzyński, CEO Game Island

Is there a release date for Serum?

It appears to be a new Far Cry game from a first-person perspective, which is a positive thing. However, it is unclear what you may do other than inserting yourself into the game world. No release date has been announced, either, so it's possible that Game Island is waiting for some input and ideas from the general public.

Serum [PC]

‘The debut date remains a mystery, but the studio will keep us updated on their social media platforms and a dedicated Discord server,' according to the official description of the game. I'm assuming this means you'll need to mingle with your peers?

Serum trailer

Final Words

As previously said, no specific release date has been set — perhaps this year or next? If you're interested, you can add it to your wishlist and you'll be notified when it becomes available!

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