Sergio Ramos has priority, the newspaper says, ‘he is not seen wearing a shirt’ as he has already been rejected by the club

Sergio Ramos said goodbye Real Madrid This Thursday. The guardian's contract expires on July 1 and will not be renewed. Free on the market, the Spaniard has his preferences and already knows which club he will not play for.

At a news conference, the 35-year-old athlete said he would not return Sevilla, As well as rejecting the eternal rival Barcelona.

“It's a big number (for Barcelona), the size of the new big Bernabeu, Ramos can't be seen wearing a Barcelona shirt,” Ramos said.

“Sevilla is another club of my heart, where I lived on a fantastic stage, but today I have not thought about this option, as well as Sevilla,” the defender explained.


Defender said goodbye to Real on Thursday after 16 years at the club

If both Spaniards are out of the race, the other teams raise their eyes. According to the Marga newspaper, Ramos has already listed its favorite locations in order of priority.

His preference will be for the Premier League, followed by the French Championship and, in third place, the German Championship.

“I never intended to leave Real Madrid,” Ramos admitted, erupting the club's position on the renewal process.