Second Home Movie: A Drama Worth Watching


Do you like short dramas or short movies? If you, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss an interesting American short story named “A Second Home”. This short drama was directed by Cristopher Sirens. Here the protagonist named Myna recites his own struggle and story, which was full of emotion and tragedy. 

The drama was written by Hiba Siddiqui.

This drama was full of emotion and can be termed as one of the best short stories on television. It attracted many viewers and was liked by most of them.

It got released on January 1, 2019, in The United States. And was produced by Seedling Media Production. It was released on its official Facebook page.

The Plot:

In this drama, the Girl named myna recites her own struggles she had made in her life. At an early age, she was bought in a foster house, where she started facing a lot of problems. Here she describes the foster care system in India, which was so poor that she was struggling every day. This story was narrated by her in the form of a short story.

The cast:

Here Sumah Tarah played the role of the protagonist, The acting and emotional scenes carried out by myna was appreciable and attractive and was liked by viewers. 

It was released in the English language and was published on the official Facebook page named “ A Second Home”. 

It was a remarkable drama and was given a good review by the viewers. The IMDb has rated the drama with a good percentage. 

Wrapping Up

So the short drama named A second Home was a remarkable story with its innovative concept of resiting a girl’s story in the form of a short poem, which is appreciable. So, if you like short drama’s or emotional stories, I would advise you to see it once to have a piece of knowledge about the system of the foster house where the children struggle a lot.

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