Season 8 of Shetland: BBC Says Production Will Begin in Early 2023!

After Douglas Henshall left, you would have thought the Shetland crew would pack up and go home. After all, what is Shetland without Jimmy Perez? You may be laughing now, but his absence has had no effect on the BBC crime drama.

Henshall said in a statement, “I'll miss him and the place” (via the BBC). Whatever the future holds, I hope the best for everyone concerned.

There isn't much information available regarding season 8, other than the fact that it is, in fact, happening, but we do have a general idea of when it will air and we've been making wild guesses about who might make a return.

All the information we have about Shetland's upcoming eighth season is right here.

First Episode Date:
March 10, 2013
Crime Film, Drama, Thriller
Language: English
Ann Cleeves, David Kane, Gaby Chiappe
Network: Bbc One
No. Of Series: 7
IMDb 8.2 Rating

Who Will Take Over for Douglas Henshall in Shetland's Season 8?

As reported by the BBC, the show will introduce a new protagonist in the vein of The Bay, which should provide for some exciting story developments.

Henshall said to Radio Times, “It will be weird knowing they're shooting the eighth series and I'm not there.” “Unfortunately, it won't be the same show I was in, but I wish them the best of luck anyhow. They'll have to produce an entirely new program.”

The team working on it, though, is enthusiastic about the future despite the difficulties they anticipate.

While the cast and crew will miss him greatly, he is leaving the show in good shape, and BBC Drama executive producer Gaynor Holmes is “very enthusiastic” about plans to bring more of this “much-loved drama” to viewers across the world.

Keep an eye out here for announcements about the cast in the coming months.

When Will the Season 8 of Shetland Premiere on BBC?

When the eighth season of Shetland was renewed, the BBC stated that production on the new episodes will begin in the spring of 2023, suggesting that the program would return to our screens later that year.

Plot of Season 8 of Shetland

Fans' anticipation for the forthcoming season is muddled by the fact that Jimmy's departure was foreshadowed early on yet did not occur until the show's finale.

season 8 of shetland

When we last saw Jimmy, he had just done what was necessary to save a man's life, which was to lead him on an adventure away from certain death.

However, a question regarding his professional future was implicit in the decision. As Jimmy has been a major draw for many viewers throughout the series run, his departure will necessitate a formidable new protagonist.

As a result, Jimmy has called it quits as a private investigator and is now doomed to never learn what became of him or Meg.

However, fresh episodes of Shetland will begin with a brand-new protagonist and the same dose of crimes in the streets of Scotland that has kept us captivated for nine years.

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Shetland Season 8: What Can We Expect From the Cast?

Douglas Henshall released a statement about Jimmy's leaving after the news of his unexpected departure initially broke. In a separate interview with Radio Times, Henshall verified the following. It'll feel weird to know they're filming the eighth season when I'm not there.

season 8 of shetland

I know it won't be the same program I was in, but I really hope they have success with it. In other words, they need to start from scratch with a fresh program. Since then, it was reported that a new lead would be introduced, following in the footsteps of shows like The Bay. The question is, who might it be?

Season 7 of Shetland: a Review

At the conclusion of the prior season, Duncan surrendered to the authorities. Jimmy said, “You don't need to do this,” but Duncan insisted, “Yes, I do.”

Given that Douglas tells us a year has passed and Jimmy is back at work, it's clear this won't be a major plot point in the next series.

His yearlong suspension is winding down, and he'll be back at work in no time. I believe he's just coming to the point where he's not sure it's worth it anymore, despite the fact that having [seasons] six and seven to finish off the program meant that we could employ a genuine arc.

I think he's now starting to see that there's more to life than just being a cop. In this installment, the squad is searching Shetland for a “vulnerable young man” named Connor.

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Douglas elaborates, saying, “The family has its own history, which we are beginning to untangle. The plot takes on a more political tone when it is revealed that Andrew Whipp‘s character, Danny Cairns (Connor's father), is not who he claims to be. Overall, I think it does a great job of keeping the reader wondering right up to the final page.

Where Can I Stream Season 8 of Shetland?

In the United Kingdom, you can watch Shetland Seasons on iPlayer, and in the United States, you can watch it on BritBox.

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Season 8 Trailer for Shetland

Although a trailer has not been released just yet, Season 7's trailer is available for viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shetland Returning in 2022?

To order a copy of the British TV Streaming Guide for Autumn 2022, click HERE (for US audiences). Sometimes the affiliate links in our posts generate commissions for us. Positive news For Season 7, Shetland will return.

Where Can I Watch Shetland's Most Recent Season?

You can currently view “Shetland – Season 7” on BritBox and BritBox Amazon Channel.

Does Shetland Appear on Netflix?

When all three of the first season's episodes were made accessible in April 2017, Shetland was last updated on Netflix. Since then, the BBC has released two new seasons, the most recent of which, season 5, which debuted in January 2019, was released in 2018.