Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members of Seaside Hotel Season 10?

The characters of Seaside Hotel, a Danish drama comedy set in the 1920s and 1940s, live and work at a seaside hotel on Skagerrak, not far from Skagen. Starring Amalie Dollerup, Lars Ranthe, Anne Louise Hassing, Jens Jacob Tychsen, Merete Maerkedahl, Ulla Vejby, Anette Stvelbk, Birthe Neumann, and many more, the show was created by Hanna Lundblad and Stig Thorsboe.

Since its 2013 premiere on TV 2 in Denmark, the show has received rave reviews from both audiences and critics. The series is also accessible on PBS Passport in the United States and on Netflix around the world.

Overview Of Seaside Hotel Season 10

Season Name Seaside Hotel
No. of Seasons 9
No. of Episode 55
Written by Hanna Lundblad
Stig Thorsboe
Directed by Fabian Wullenweber
Genre Comedy, Drama
Production House Michael Bille Frandsen
Music by Halfdan E, Jeppe Kaas
Country Denmark
Language Danish
Available Languages Danish
First Episode Mon Dec 30, 2013
Next episode Mon Mar 07, 2022
Latest Season NA
Run Time 50 min.
Available On Viaplay, Netflix

Is Seaside Hotel Season 10 Confirmed?

Yes, both TV 2 and Netflix have confirmed that Seaside Hotel will return for a tenth season. Following the success of the ninth season, which aired in February and March of 2023, the decision to make the announcement was made in April of 2023. The producers of the show have determined that the tenth season will be the last one, as they want to wrap up the narrative in a way that is satisfying to the audience.

When Will Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release?

According to authoritative sources, the tenth season of Seaside Hotel is scheduled to premiere on TV 2 in Denmark and on Netflix around the world in the month of February 2024. The concluding season will consist of six episodes, each of which will be exactly half an hour long.

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Storyline Of Seaside Hotel

Little Seaside Hotel closed in 2022. The intriguing show has not been updated since midsummer. Many visitors wonder if Seaside Hotel's Danish show will air Season 10 this year.

Given the show's decade-long popularity, interest is at an all-time high. Badehotellet, also known as Seaside Hotel, is set in a North Sea Dunes beach hotel and follows its staff and guests. The story takes place in 1928–1933 coastal hotels.

The show focuses on three young people—Amanda, Fie, and Morten. They share a fate despite their diverse backgrounds. The group struggles to define themselves while navigating social advancement and independence. The plot thickens and the leads experience many emotions.

What Happened in Seaside Hotel Season 9?

Season nine of Seaside Hotel took place in the summer of 1945, after World War II had ended, and saw the return of the series regular guests. Significant events and breakthroughs occurred during the season, including:

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Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release Date

  • After resolving their marital issues, Amanda and Edward welcomed a daughter into the world.
  • Fie had a son with Philip, who was murdered by the Nazis, and they were both murdered.
  • Business flourished for Morten, and he eventually proposed to Fie.
  • Therese and Georg eventually split up and found new partners.
  • Otilia was instrumental in Martha opening her own eatery.
  • Now a widow, Lydia moved back to the hotel and quickly made friends with Olga.
  • Problems with Otto's gambling habit and their limited funds afflicted Alice and Otto.
  • Peter fell in love with a young actress and went on to become a famous writer.
  • Hjalmar took over his father's hotel business after inheriting a large sum of money.

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What Can We Expect from Seaside Hotel Season 10?

In the tenth season of Seaside Hotel, the characters will continue to navigate the post-war world, which will present them with a variety of new opportunities and challenges. We should anticipate that some of the possible plots will include the following:

  • Getting used to her new roles as a mother and a fiancée, Fie is adjusting to her new life.
  • Amanda and Edward struggling to cope with the health problems of their daughter
  • Morten grew his business empire, which brought him into conflict with Hjalmar.
  • Therese and Georg enjoying success with their respective new partners in love
  • Martha was managing her restaurant while also trying to come to terms with Otilia's departure.
  • The revelation that Lydia made regarding Olga's past mystery
  • To save their marriage as well as their finances, Alice and Otto are doing everything they can.
  • Peter was having trouble balancing his newfound fame with his commitment to his young girlfriend.
  • Hjalmar taking over as the new proprietor of the hotel and instituting various alterations

Who Are the Cast Members of Seaside Hotel Season 10?

The cast of Seaside Hotel Season 10 will feature most of the main actors from the previous seasons, as well as some new additions. The cast includes

Cast Member Character
Amalie Dollerup Amanda Weyse
Lars Ranthe Georg Madsen
Anne Louise Hassing Therese Madsen
Jens Jacob Tychsen Edward Weyse
Merete Mærkedahl Martha
Ulla Vejby Edith Marie Jensen
Anette Støvelbæk Alice Frigh
Birthe Neumann Olga Fjeldsø
Rosalinde Mynster Fie Kjær
Sigurd Holmen le Dous Philip Dupont
Morten Hemmingsen Morten Enevoldsen
Sonja Oppenhagen Lydia Vetterstrøm Ploug
Bjarne Henriksen Otto Frigh
Kristian Halken Peter Andreas Kjær
Mads Wille Hjalmar Aurland

Where Can We Watch the Trailer for Seaside Hotel Season 10?

The trailer for Seaside Hotel Season 10 has not been released yet, but you can watch the trailer for Season 9 here: Click Here

Where Can We Watch Seaside Hotel Series?

Some of you can watch the tenth season of Seaside Hotel on TV 2 in Denmark or on Netflix anywhere else in the world. You can also watch the previous seasons on Netflix or PBS Passport in the United States if you want to get caught up.

Rating And Reviews Of Seaside Hotel

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release DateUsually, I wouldn’t use the word “epic” in a headline. Still, for this show’s masterpiece, it is appropriate, as Badehotellet provides an aesthetically pleasing glimpse into the Roaring 20s and what followed and adds a modern splash of humorous comedy and drama storytelling, similar to many contemporary Hollywood television series. Badehotellet is undoubtedly one of the best tv series in the history of Danish television, attracting the interest of both young and old.


Seaside Hotel is a charming and captivating series that transports the viewers to a different time and place, where they can enjoy the drama, comedy, romance, and history of the characters. The series has been praised for its authentic portrayal of Danish culture, its engaging storyline, its colorful cinematography, and its talented cast.

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