Sea of Craft Is Releasing In Q2 2022

The official release date for Wizard Games' brand new multiplayer sandbox game Sea Of Craft has been set for the second quarter of 2022.

Players from all over the world get together in this physics-based adventure game to build unique ships out of hundreds of building materials and sail over the Bella South Sea in search of wealth while battling enigmatic animals and other players.

Sea of Craft

The game Sea Of Craft, which will be published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, will include three distinct gameplay modes that will be explored in depth.

During the game's Single-Player challenge level, players must proceed through a series of obstacles that, according to Wizard Games, “test your creativity and engineering skills.”

While the sandbox Creative Mode provides a more serene experience with infinite resources, it is best suited for gamers who want to put their abilities to the test.

Lastly, in the Open Sea Mode, players will work together to construct ships, battle monsters, explore the Beela South Sea in order to unlock locations of interest, and engage in PVP conflicts with other players.

Users can exchange ships with other players in this mode, which has limited resources and allows them to trade ships with other players.

Besides the main game, Sea Of Craft includes four hard minigames, including Fast And Furious, Fishing Challenge, Ghost Ships, and Spy Ducks, with more to come in the future.

Sea of Craft

More information and gameplay will most likely be revealed during two live streams and Q&A sessions on June 17th and 22nd as part of the Steam Next Fest, where Wizard Games will host more details and gameplay.

A global beta test is being planned, although no specific dates have been announced at this time.

The PC version of Sea of Craft will be released in late summer 2021 through Steam. Steam has made the game available, and it can now be added to your wishlist. Take a look at it here.

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