The Latest Sci-Fi Movie 65 Release Date | Cast and More

65 is an upcoming American science-fiction movie by Sony Pictures. The directors and writers of 65 are Scott Back and Bryan Woods. This movie is gonna be a dream project for the producers' Sam Raimi, Zainab Azizi, and Debbie Liebling.

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In the modern world when human has reached the moon, mars, and planning to further endeavors. SpaceX and Blue Origin are planning to make space accessible to laymen. These recent incidents and the sudden popularity of space and space missions make 65 a worth waiting movie.

Why am I talking about space or aircraft and planets, are they interconnected with the movie 65?

Yes, I would like to quote the production's recent announcement on the plot of the movie.

” An astronaut crash land on a mysterious planet only to discover he is not alone”

This is the statement that blows the fan's mind and forces them to think the whole story.

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We have grown up watching science-fiction with the plot of Alien, space survivors, time machines, and space wars. I think I need not dictate all these plots again for you and also the production team won't invest their money in some cliche.

Here is my mind grew movie, may this movie win some Oscars one day.

A man, Patrick(Adam Driver) is an engineer in NASA and a part of a space expedition mission. He and his team break the light barrier that makes their spacecraft faster than light.

They are at the initial stages of testing. When Scientists find an Earth-like planet on the outer edge of the Milky way, which is three light-years away from the earth. He is chosen as the chief engineer for the mission. On the 2nd year of the voyage, engines started trembling and catching fire although Patrick solved the issue god knows for what time.

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When they reached the planet and checked basic conditions on the planet engine failed. their ship crash land on an unknown planet where he witnessed the dinosaurs with three ankles.

Further, the story I want you to complete.

Fans and Critics are eagerly waiting for the release of 65. It is because of the Interesting genre and some known actors like Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman.

The production team has announced the release date for the movie on April 29, 2022.

This movie is coming from the directors of the movie like A quit place and Haunt.

Set the remainders on your phone for this movie so that you can watch the first-day first show.