School live Season 2 Release Date: Live The School Life Once Again

A compelling blend of slice-of-life, horror, and psychological thriller, “School-Live!” is an exciting anime series. A 2015 anime adaptation by studio Lerche was based on the manga by Norimitsu Kaiho and Sadoru Chiba.

Fans are eagerly waiting for when we will get to see season 2, so in this article, I have brought some updates related to season 2 for you, so without wasting time let's start.

Overview Of School-Live Season 2

Season Title School-Live
No. of Seasons 1
Episodes Availability Yes
Current Status Season 1
Directed by Masaomi Ando
Written by Katelyn Barr
Genre Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Anime, Animation
Cast Inori Minase, Ari Ozawa,
Mao Ichimichi
Production House Houbunsha, Lerche, NBCUniversal Entertainment
Country Japan
Language Japanese, English
Available Languages Japanese, English
First Episode S1 Jul 09, 2015
Last Episode S1 Sep 24, 2015
Number of episodes 12
Run Time 25 min.
Available On Crunchyroll

What Is The Renewal Status Of School Live Season 2?

When the first episode of School Live premiered, it was an immediate success. Both the press and the public enjoyed it. After the success of the anime, manga sales rocketed.

Given the show's popularity, viewers probably figured they'd get another season of Gakkou Gurashi. Studio Lerche's first season aired more than five years ago, and there are no updates from makers and producers about season 2.

What Is The Release Date Of School Live Season 2?

So guys till now there is no official information regarding season 2. Though the fans are yet to wait there is no news from the makers till now.

We may get to see the feet by the end of 2023 or till 2024, it seems likely, why is that? I will tell you further, till then keep your curiosity, so let's know why the season is likely to come.

Manga Time New Issue

School Live! Season 2 will not be too long in coming. In fact, shipments may begin as early as next month. On Wednesday, June 24th, the first issue of the manga series will appear in Manga Time Kirara Forward.

This episode will begin with a flashback to the events at the end of the previous one.

School Live Ending Explained

After the zombies have been exterminated, the mall will need to be repaired before it can be reoccupied. The other women, meanwhile, are having a hard time ensuring Yuki's safety while also maintaining her idealistic worldview.

The episode continues with the revelation that the elderly woman turned into a zombie. The anime's graduation scene is both of these things because the girls are leaving the school

Where they found solace and where they made so many happy memories together after everything else in their lives had gone to pot.

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What Is The Storyline Of School Live Season 2?

scholl live season 2 release date

In the first episode, Yuki Takeya, a bright and positive high school sophomore, goes to class and hangs out with her pals at the School Living Club. Yuki has an extremely deformed view of the world. She has a positive image of the school as a place full of activity and joy.

The reality, however, is much darker. Yuki and her friends are among the few people still alive after a global zombie outbreak, and they have taken refuge in the school. Yuki's delusions serve as a form of protection against the harsh realities of the world.

Clubmates Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuuri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki indulge in Yuki's delusions for her own mental health sake.

In subsequent episodes, it becomes clear that the girls do not occupy the entire school. The club's advisor and Yuki's favorite teacher, Megumi Sakura, gave her life to keep things looking normal.

Yuki has no idea that her zombie body is being kept secretly in a classroom.

The members of the School Living Club have a tough time of it in the zombie-infested school.

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They have to find resources, reinforce their defenses, and stay alive in the face of the relentless dead. Kurumi, the most combat experienced of the group, volunteers to defend them with a shovel.

The girls meet other survivors along the way, some of whom have kept their sanity despite the harrowing circumstances.

They find out what caused the pandemic and what groups have done to stop it. The post-apocalyptic reality stands in stark contrast to Yuki's illusion as they engage with the outside world.

The girls are threatened not only by the zombies but also by their own inner conflicts and emotional struggles. The harsh reality they have been trying to protect Yuki from must be faced head-on, and tough decisions must be made.

What Can We Expect From School Live Season 2?

The second season of School Live appears to be just as fascinating and tragic as the first, and that's saying nothing about its prediction. In order to survive in a world overrun by zombies, the women will have to face new challenges and make difficult decisions.

However, there are heartfelt moments that deal with romance, love, and loss.

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Trailer Of School Live Season 2

The second season of School Live has not yet had a trailer released. But if you haven't seen the official Season 1 trailer yet, you should. Keep checking back for Season 2 release information, and make sure you've seen Season 1 before its official release. If not then there is a trailer :

Click the Link for the trailer of School Live Seaosn1

Cast Of School Live Season 2

Cast Played as
Inori Minase Yuki Takeya
Ari Ozawa Kurumi Ebisuzawa
Mao Ichimichi Yuuri Wakasa
Rie Takahashi Miki Naoki
Ai Kayano Megumi Sakura
Emiri Kato Taromaru
Luci Christian Yuri

Rating And Reviews Of School Live

school live season 2 release date

Sorry, the rating of this anime is not officially available on Guys, so I have brought this rating for you from a fan site so that you can get an idea of ​​its popularity.

The shocking truth behind the seemingly simple school life is brilliantly revealed throughout the series, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The contrast between the characters' normal lives and the zombie-infested world is chilling and makes you think.

. Even in the darkest of times, the characters' friendships shine and endear us to the story. “School-Live!” is a memorable anime because of its unique blend of horror, drama, and emotional depth.

Where Can I Watch School Live Season 2?

Guys, you can easily watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


At last, I would like to say if you're an anime fan and you like scary stories with real emotion, you need to watch Season 2 of School-Live. The show's strong and likable characters, in addition to its unique blend of fear and emotion, help set it apart from other anime series.

The show's plot twists and emotional resonance will keep you guessing until the very end. Season 2 of School Live is fantastic, so don't miss it if you haven't already. You won't be the least bit let down.

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