Savior – Everything We Know So Far

“Savior” a 2D open-world action-adventure game, was funded through a Kickstarter effort. Following the game's successful fundraising campaign, which raised more than $48,000 thanks to the donations of more than 2,000 backers, the developers at Portland-based indie studio Starsoft set out to fulfill their promises to the community.

As Sam, an acrobatic young lady who has lost all of her memories, you assume control of her in “Savior,” During her investigation into her origins and purpose in the universe, Sam finds herself at the epicenter of a battle that spans the entire planet of Arcadia, and she is forced to flee.

Caught between two ancient groups, Sam learns new skills and makes new friends while supporting Arcadia's weary citizens through a combination of combat, parkour, and diplomacy techniques.


A variety of classic elements of the action-adventure genre are included in “Savior” ranging from objectives and collectibles to skill-based encounters and a character-driven narrative.

Numerous gaming magazines have already expressed interest in the game's distinctive combat and art style, with VentureBeat calling the latter “gorgeous.”

In spite of the fact that “Savior” is Starsoft's flagship game, campaign backers and prospective players still have reason to be hopeful.

The development team behind the game has a plethora of industry experience to draw upon, having previously worked for businesses such as Sierra, LucasArts, and Microsoft, among others.

Starsoft even has Dan Adelman on its team to handle the business development side of the operation – a significant advantage given Adelman's previous experience as the head of Nintendo of America's independent program, which spanned nearly a decade.

The following information about “Savior.” has been gathered so far, and it will be updated as more information becomes available.

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What is the Savior release date?

Even though Starsoft has not committed to a precise release date for “Savior” the company did provide a release timeframe for the game at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase: Winter 2022.

While some gamers have grown cautious of unclear launch dates as a result of the increasing number of games that have been delayed in 2021, some elements indicate that Starsoft may be on the right track.

The “Savior” Kickstarter campaign was launched in September of this year, and it reached nearly half of its financial target just two days before becoming live.

By the beginning of the following month, “Savior” had achieved its funding goal, with 2,509 backers contributing $66,691 in pledges to achieve three stretch goals: obstacle courses, a steerable dragon, and a fighting arena.


Since the project's successful funding on Kickstarter, Starsoft has provided a consistent stream of monthly updates on the site, covering themes ranging from securing doors to planting shrubs, among others.

In accordance with a post from April 25, 2021, the developers appear to have made significant strides forward. “We're now just a little ways away from having a rough demo build,” said Weston Tracy, the project's creative director, and lead designer.

Almost solid enough for our top-tier funders, but there are still a few rough edges that need to be smoothed off. Having neared completion of the rough demo prototype, the team is closing in on its first major milestone, which was devoted to “player animations, items, UI, tools, and game-system programming.”

If you consider how far “Savior” has progressed, you might be wondering which platforms you'll have the opportunity to see it on.

However, while Starsoft has only announced PC and Nintendo Switch versions of “Savior” the company has discussed intentions to bring the game to PlayStation and Xbox, however it is unclear whether the company is targeting current-generation or next-generation consoles.

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Savior Trailer

Starsoft has produced three trailers for “Savior:”: an announcement trailer, a Kickstarter trailer, and a development presentation. The announcement trailer is the first of them. The content provided by the trio spans in length from approximately one minute to a little less than three minutes.

The developer presentation, which was exhibited as part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, provides both the most up-to-date and in-depth audio-visual look at what makes “Savior” such a unique game experience.

With the help of a series of gameplay clips and narration provided by Tracy, the segment introduces Sam, the planet of Arcadia, and the topics that will be explored in the main storyline.


A variety of locales, including a warehouse and an underground section littered with bodies, are shown off before Tracy elaborates on the game's “battle,” “evade,” and “persuade” approaches to game design in the next clip.

The developer presentation goes beyond the universe and mechanics of “Savior.” to show peeks of some of the supporting characters. The Caretaker, who is renowned for his knowledge and esteemed by his people, serves as a source of support and advice for his subjects.

There is also a significant role for the enigmatic Red Witch, who has a reputation for assisting those who are hurting and bereaved.

It appears as though Wisp, an intelligent fox that appears to accompany Sam in a few moments, is being groomed to serve as a friend and guide for Sam, thanks to his great knowledge of the area where he lives.

The response to the “Savior” presentation has been very positive, with some commenters describing the game as an “indie gem” before it even launched.

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Savior Gameplay

Tracy claims that the battle system in “Savior” is based on the 1987 NES boxing game “Punch-Out!! To make battles as realistic as possible, the team gave Sam and select NPCs the ability to attack, block, and evade.

According to the Kickstarter campaign description, you must also deal with stamina and well-timed blocks allow you to counter-attack. Most importantly, each opponent has specific tells and tendencies that you may memorize and exploit.

While some of the movement in “Savior” is similar to other action-adventure games, Starsoft is counting on the parkour concept to set it apart.

Players can use special movements to traverse Arcadia with “a unique and satisfying fluidity” The open-world setting may make exploration and revisiting locations less tiresome than in similar games.


“Savior” deals with issues like organized religion, empathy and finding common ground, and the tough but vital process of healing old wounds.

Sam's quest for identity and lost memories reflect this, as do her efforts to end the centuries-old conflict between the Chosen and the Fallen.

With each task completed and NPC converted, Sam's reputation improves, granting access to special equipment and increasing your influence over Arcadia's fate.