Satish Maneshinde: Biography, Career & What is He Famous for?

Mr. Satish is an Indian lawyer, criminal lawyer, and business owner who is very good at what he does. Many people think he is one of the most expensive lawyers in India right now. Most of his wealth comes from the money he has made in his career.

There are many criminal cases, and the defendant and his presence have changed many people's lives. This article will discuss Satish Maneshinde's personal life, career, and net worth.

Satish Maneshinde: Biography

Satish L. Maneshinde, better known as Satish Maneshinde, was born in 1965 to the famous Dharwad family in Karnataka, India. Satish's father is a well-known businessman in Karnataka, and his mother is a great homemaker.

Satish Maneshinde

He is now a great advocate, criminal lawyer, and businessman. He became well-known for taking on cases involving Bollywood stars. He went to a private school to finish his education and then to Karnataka University Law College to get his Bcom and LLB for his career. Since childhood, he has always wanted to be a lawyer.

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Satish Maneshinde: Career

After getting his LLB in 1983, Satish got his first job as an intern for the famous criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani. He used to work with him as an assistant lawyer for 10 years.

Together, they worked on many high-profile cases, such as the alleged defense of the assassins of Indira Gandhi, the case of Harshad Mehta, and the protection of Amit Shah in the Sohrabudin case, among others.

Satish Maneshinde

Right from the start of his career, Satish learned a lot about how to fight criminal cases. After that, he took on a few cases on his own and became the best lawyer, who people called a “terrorist expert.”

His well-known works include cofeposa (Foreign Exchange Conservation and Prevention of Smuggling Activities) in 1974, NSA (National Security Law) in 1980, Mass (Maintenance International Security Law) in 1971, etc.


Sanjay Dutt Bombing Case from Sembelay Dutt, 1993. The Tada case has been going on for almost 14 years without a resolution. Finally, all the charges against Tada in Sembelay Dutt were dropped, and he was only found guilty of possessing weapons without a permit.

Satish Maneshinde

The cases of Bollywood star Salman Khan –

  • Drunk driving and accidents where Salman was blamed for killing someone and injuring four people
  • In the Whittuck Poaching Case of 1998, Salman was accused of killing a Blackbuck in Rajasthan.
  • Rakhi Savant suicide case
  • Police Mumbai Inspector case
  • Shoban Mehta matches the case
  • Case of Gangster Chota Sujata Nikalje Sujata Rajan
  • Singh Rajput Milk Death Case
  • Shah Rukh Khan son Aryan Khan Drug Case

Interesting Facts 

  • When he was in college, he would study for at least 12 to 14 hours a day.
  • At the beginning of his career, he learned from Mr. Ram Jetmalani, the best lawyer.
  • He is very close to Thackray Reply and is often seen in public with him.
  • He has worked for many well-known people and is sometimes called a “celebrity lawyer.”
  • He became known as a “terrorist expert” after he fought for people like Tada.
  • In almost every case, the defense thought he was a criminal.
  • He charges about Rs. 10 lakh per case or hearing.