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Saquon Barkley Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height & Other Latest Information

People know Saquon Barkley as an NFL Player. On February 9, 1997, Saquon Barkley was born. Most people want to know how much money Saquon Barkley has. So, we've changed the information here.

Some people will want to know more about the lives of their favorite famous people. In the same way, we can now see that people are looking up how much Saquon Barkley is worth. What Saquon Barkley's Net Worth is something that can be found on the internet. Let's go into more depth to find out more.

Net Worth: $32 Million
Age: 25
Born: February 9, 1997
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional NFL Player

Saquon Barkley: Early Years

On February 9, 1997, Saquon Rasul Quevis Barkley was born in the Bronx, New York. As a kid, he was a big fan of the New York Jets and looked up to running back Curtis Martin.

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Saquon Barkley Net Worth

When Barkley was young, he and his family moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to find a safer and more suburban place to live. He went to high school in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, at Whitehall High School.

Saquon Barkley: Career

Saquon Barkley went to Penn State University in 2015. He ran for 115 yards in his first year, and in his second game, he scored two touchdowns. He was named the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year because he played well. He ran 19 times for 83 yards and one touchdown on December 3, 2016.

On December 31, 2017, he said he wanted to be in the 2018 NFL Draft. He was the second player the New York Giants took in the draught. The running back signed a four-year contract with the Giants worth $31.2 million, which included a $20.76 million bonus.

Saquon Barkley Net Worth

Barkley scored his first NFL touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first week of the 2018 season. So far, his stats show that he has run the ball 46 times for 216 yards and two touchdowns.

What is the Net Worth of Saquon Barkley?

In 2018, Barkley signed a four-year deal with the Giants. The deal was worth $31.2 million and came with a bonus of $20.76 million. Wealthy Gorilla says that Saquon Barkley has a net worth of about $32 million.

Saquon Barkley Net Worth

Spotrac says that in 2021, the Giants will pick up Barkley's fifth-year option on his current contract, which has a salary cap of $7.2 million. In 2023, he will be a free agent. So far in his career, the running back has made $31,384,750.

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Barkley decided early on that he wouldn't touch the money he makes playing football professionally. ESPN says he would instead invest the money and “live off the endorsement deals.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Saquon Barkley Worth?

It is thought that Saquon Barkley is worth about $32 million.

What is Saquon Barkley's Age?

Saquon Barkley was born on February 9, 1997, so he is 25 years old right now.

What is Saquon Barkley's Height?

Saquon Barkley is 1.80 m tall, which is 5 feet 11 inches.


Even though Saquon Barkley is still young, he has already done much in college and the real world. In the 2018 NFL draught, Barkley was picked by the New York Giants. Saquon Barkley is worth $32 million as of September 2022.

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