Santos advances by hiring Paulo Henrik Conso from Fluminense

Oh Santos Advances in negotiations to hire Paulo Henrik Conso from Fluminense. Clubs talk every day, differences have diminished.

How did you publish TNT game, Credit improved until December 2021. Goose's choice to return is in favor of the fish. The midfielder was not available for the Brazilian Championship against Guayaquil.

Santos agrees to pay a maximum of R $ 1,000 per month. Conso receives just over $ 400,000, and the flu is negotiating to boost the economy until the end of the year.

The Fish Management Committee should meet this Monday and be on the agenda. Alvinecro's concern is to establish an acceptable purchase price. Do not run the risk of recovering the athlete and then become unable to stay with him permanently.

Paulo Henrique was 31 years old, and Fernando Dinis recommended Santos. In 2019 the player lived his best moment for the Bloomines under the command of the coach. Currently, he is the third option for the frame with Roger Machado, behind Nene and Cசceres.


Santos and Pluminens talked about the end of Paulo Henrik Conso. However, the contract only expires in December 2023 and the amounts involved are high.

Goose has to give up what he just wants to get and still earn less than half of the peaks. In this scenario, borrowing becomes more feasible.

Santos has already signed with four players: defender Danilo Posa, left-back Moraes, attacking midfielder Vinicius Janocello and midfielder Marcos Gilherme.

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