Salt City Season 1 Review: Worth Your Time, Attention, and Adoration!

And now that the weekend has arrived, the new releases are pouring in like rain! On SonyLiv, I watched the new Hindi web series Salt City, which premiered earlier this month and is still streaming. Let’s start with five web series and five other stuff!

As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie, I realized how impressive the cast was. The series, meant to be about complicated relationships, looked to have the proper kind of rhythm formed by an exciting model.

There is so much more to the characters than what is on the surface, and I have always been interested in this type of story. As long as there isn’t an opening in the cannon of worms, you won’t know how the characters interact. Let’s see if Salt City has what it takes to amaze!

Screenplay & Story of Salt City

A troubled family reunites for a wedding in Salt City. That being said, nothing is what it appears to be. Mira Nair’s groundbreaking film Monsoon Wedding came to mind when I read the story.

It’s nearly pointless to draw comparisons to that movie, given how brilliantly it depicts the complexity of its characters. There were subtle nuances and intricate relationships that I loved in this story, as well.

As soon as you meet the main characters, you can tell they are tense. The connections between the characters are fraught, but no one is willing to talk about them or take action. Seven episodes total about 30 minutes each (except for episodes 1 and 7), so this is a show you can binge-watch.

This is a slow-burning story that takes its time to get going. It takes time to appreciate this drama’s subtleties and texture in today’s fast-paced entertainment world. As a result, the show would have a distinct audience.

Some of the subplots are intriguing, but they don’t all come to fruition. For the most part, I found the drama captivating, but in the end, it just loses its grip as it tries to build things up for season 2. As if that wasn’t enough, the film has a major revelation that will bring back memories of the Monsoon Wedding.

Although the program hasn’t ended yet and a new season is on the way, I found the conclusion to be a bit odd and unsatisfying. However, credit must be given to the writers for attempting to explore relationships in a subtle yet complicated way in what is a laudable effort!

Conversations, Music, and Direction of Salt City

Mostly, the dialogue is conversational, but it becomes over the top toward the conclusion. It’s incredible to see how the music is incorporated into the story. The BGM isn’t overbearing, yet it doesn’t detract from the story being told onscreen.

A few sequences suffer from jerky editing that detracts from the film’s overall impact. Rishabh Anupam Sahay, the film’s director, did an excellent job. As a first step, you must acknowledge that examining the subtleties of a connection is never a manageable undertaking, and it requires a high degree of skill to extract and express it effectively.

Until the final episode, where the directing gets a little sloppy, the direction here is generally reasonable. But in the grand scheme of things, it was a successful project.

Performances of the Cast

The actors in this film do an excellent job—both Vinita Joshi and Nivedita Bhattacharya excel as Sulekha and Vibha, respectively. In a brief cameo appearance, Apeksha Porwal steals the show as Rashmi.

Rohit’s character, played by Manish Nawani, is appealing. As Esha, Eisha Chopra had to deal with a lot of her feelings, and she did an excellent job. Jitin Gulati’s performance as Sukesh in this film will make your blood boil.

Since his role in “Ms. Dhoni – The Untold Story,” he’s come a long way as an actor. I thought Monica Choudhary’s performance as Ela was outstanding, and I was moved by how she handled some of the more complex topics her character was dealing with.

She does a fantastic job as Triveni’s naive mother in Navni Parihar’s Triveni. When Pranay Pachauri, fresh from the success of Guilty Minds, takes on the role of Nikhil, he shines. Aman, played by Manish Anand, is a character that has to deal with a lot of emotions, and he manages to do so quite well.

Gunjan’s portrayer, Gauahar Khan, is one of the show’s top actors, and she does an outstanding job. My greatest joy is that more and more filmmakers realize the full potential of this talented actress.

Harish, played by Piyush Mishra, is always a joy to watch on film, thanks to his outstanding performance. She’s gorgeous and poses like a pro. Saurabh, played by Divyendu Sharma, undergoes a fascinating transformation in this episode. While in Mirzapur, he was joyful and carefree. Here he is seeking his identity in the wake of an incident.


When it comes to relationships, Salt City is a novel that demands patience. It’s a good choice if you like stories that focus on the conflict within a relationship. SonyLiv has it.

Trailer of Salt City Season 1

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