Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date, Recap, Where To Read, and More!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 will be featured in the next issue of Shuesia's Weekly Shonen Jump, and the conflict from the past will be featured prominently as the story may be nearing its conclusion.

In a series like Sakamoto, which does not dwell too heavily on the past, I did not anticipate seeing a story set in the past for more than 10 volumes. Almost like a manga spinoff, this narrative takes place in Thailand and foreshadows Sakamoto and the gang's future war against Uzuki and his organization in the manga's next chapters.

I hope this isn't the series finale, but it's looking like it might be. This progression sets this arc apart from anything we've seen before. I really, really, really hope that's not the case and that I'm incorrect about the series overall.

Whereas the present storyline is nearing its conclusion and the next few chapters will likely be Sakamoto's last. However, something about Akao feels wrong, as we will cover further in this piece.

The major point of this post is discussion, but we'll also include information in the next chapter. Sakamoto Days Chapter 120's release information will be posted here, informing readers of the precise date and time(s) the chapter will be made accessible to read.

If we're going to talk about reading, we need to know where exactly we can get Sakamoto Days Chapter 120. Having said that, before we get into the specifics of Sakamoto Days Chapter 120, let's talk about the speculation surrounding it. New chapters of Sakamoto Days are discussed here.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date

The next chapter of Sakamoto Days will be published in the 26th edition of the weekly shonen jump magazine on Monday, May 29th, 2023, at midnight Japanese Standard Time. The magazine's front page will also feature the series.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at The Recap of Sakamoto Days Chapter 119!

The climactic conclusion occurred immediately following Kindaka's fall. The death of the JAA leader was confirmed, and Rion witnessed Uzuki deliberately dropping the vial. Uzuki knew that Kindaka had sacrificed himself to defend him, but Rion blamed him for Kindaka's death.

Uzuki had to go on the offensive to avoid being caught by Rion, Nagumo, or Sakamoto. As a result, the team needed to come up with a plan of action. Sakamoto and Nagumo stayed behind to keep an eye on Konomi and Amo as Rion headed after Uzuki.

She took Nagumo's revolver and left Sakamoto a pack of cigarettes before departing. She knew she could outrun anyone. The unexpected twist, however, came when Sakamoto revealed that their last encounter was also their last.

Three days after Sakamoto and Nagumo's visit to the hospital, Kindaka passed away. There was no word about Rion, and Yotsumura said that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that Uzuki had killed Kindaka.

However, the autopsy report concluded that Kindaka had been poisoned. Rion's absence further added to Yotsumura's suspicions about her true motives. Regardless, he persisted in recruiting Sakamoto and Nagumo for the Order.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date

Nagumo contacted Sakamoto a year later to inform him that he had located Uzuki. Sakamoto arrived to find Rion lifeless on the ground. As far as Uzuki was concerned, he was the one who murdered her.

What to Expect in Chapter 120 of the Sakamoto Days (Spoilers)?

Sakamoto Days will finally show the duel between Uzuki and Sakamoto in chapter 120. There will undoubtedly be thrilling developments as Sakamoto works to regain control of Rion. However, the plot may take a surprising turn.

Uzuki was always opposed to violence and death, yet readers may learn why he killed Rion. In addition, this chapter could reveal whether or not Uzuki has become a well-known aSlur in the interim.

Where Can You Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 120?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 will be released digitally and made freely available to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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