What is the Release Date of Ruxx Season 2? Where To Watch Ruxx

On March 8, 2022, the first of eight episodes premiered, depicting the entwined stories of four women who face challenges like unhealthy relationships, casual misogyny, social stigmas, and internalized biases. The show also delved into Romania's political and social climate, with Rux's boss Eugen (Serban Pavlu) overseeing his wife's mayoral campaign in Bucharest and planning to construct a massive tech complex there.

Critics and viewers alike praised the show's diverse and talented cast, as well as its witty, realistic, and engaging depiction of modern-day Romania. Environmental issues, gentrification, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, and corruption were just some of the other hot-button issues discussed on the show.

Here's everything you need to know if you're a fan of Ruxx and are looking forward to the show's upcoming second season.

Overview Of Ruxx Season2

Season Name Ruxx
Total Episodes 8 (Season 1)
Current Status Season 1 (Ended)
Written by Vera Ion
Directed by Iulia Rugina, Octav Gheorghe
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Production House Mobra Films
Music by Ádám Balázs
Country Romania
Language Romanian
Available Languages Romanian
First Episode Tue Mar 08, 2022 (Season 1 EP1)
Last Episode Fri Apr 15, 2022 (Season 1 EP 08)
Season 2 In The Article
Available On HBO Max

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Ruxx Season 2 Release Date

Prime Video has not yet made any announcements regarding Ruxx Season 2. This is a “limited series,” which means the story will wrap up by the end of the first season. There are many examples of limited series that were renewed for additional seasons after gaining popularity and acclaim, such as Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Boys, so this doesn't rule out the possibility of a second season.

Prime Video's decision to renew Ruxx for a second season is likely to be influenced by a number of factors, including the show's critical reception, the commitment and enthusiasm of the cast and crew, and the quality of the script. The show has more room to grow and explore new characters and stories because it is based on an original idea by Romanian writer Ana Agopian.

Even if Season 2 of Ruxx is quickly approved, it could take at least a year or two to film, edit, and air. As a result, Season 2 of Ruxx might not premiere until late 2023 or early 2024.

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Ruxx Season 2 Plotline

The storyline of Ruxx Season 1 was based on an original script written by Ana Agopian. However, in order to adapt it to the contemporary setting and the format of Prime Video, some changes and updates were made.

The show depicted the lives and struggles of four women in Bucharest: Rux, an intelligent and ambitious project manager who works for Eugen; Cristina, her sister who joins the campaign team for Eugen's wife's political campaign; Denisa (Ioana Bugarin), a talented designer who works for Eugen's tech project; and Liliana (Alina Chivulescu), a former actress who becomes Rux's friend and mentor.

As the women in the show were presented with a variety of predicaments and choices that affected their futures, the show examined the topics of identity, love, friendship, family, and career, as well as happiness.

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The show demonstrated not only the effects that Eugen's plans had on the city and its inhabitants but also the shady dealings and underhanded tactics that surrounded his commercial and political endeavors.

If there is a Ruxx Season 2, it might pick up right where the first season left off and investigate how the characters' choices have repercussions for the second season

It is possible that new characters or stories will be introduced that are reflective of recent events and trends in Romania as well as elsewhere. It could also expand on the comedic, dramatic, and romantic themes that made the show appealing and relatable to a wide audience.

Ruxx Season 2 Cast

Without Raluca Aprodu in the lead role of Rux, Raluca Aprodu's Season 2 of Ruxx would not exist. She gave a compelling performance as a multifaceted and active woman struggling to find equilibrium between her personal and professional lives in a dynamic and shifting world. She also demonstrated excellent chemistry with her co-stars, particularly Alec Secareanu and Bogdan Dumitrache, who played her on-screen loves.

Possible Season 2 cast members who have already been cast are:

Actor Characters
Serban Pavlu Eugen
Madalina Craiu Cristina
Ioana Bugarin Denisa
Alina Chivulescu Liliana
Alec Secareanu Andrei
Bogdan Dumitrache Alex
Marian Olteanu Dragos
Ruxandra Maniu Gina
Claudiu Dumitru Tavi
Vlad Brumaru Jiji
Philipp Baltus Tomas
Maria Simona Arsu Silvia
Trica Hristu Ionut
Adrian Paduraru Horia Munteanu
Iulian Postelnicu Daniel
Dorian Boguta Dan Teodorovici
Dan Ursu Tony

Ruxx Season 2 Trailer

Ruxx Season 2 does not have a trailer yet, as it has not been officially renewed by Prime Video. Trailers are usually released a few weeks or months before the premiere date of a show. Therefore, we might not see a trailer for Ruxx Season 2 until late 2023 or early 2024 if it happens.

Until then, you can watch the trailer for Ruxx Season 1 here: CLICK HERE to watch.

Where To Watch Ruxx?

Ruxx Season 2 will be available to watch exclusively on Prime Video, as it is a Prime Video original series. You will need a Prime Video subscription to watch the show online. You can also download the episodes on your device and watch them offline. You can watch Ruxx Season 1 on Prime Video as well. The first season has eight episodes, each about 50 minutes long.

Rating And Reviews Of Ruxx

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There is reason to be optimistic that Ruxx will return for a second season, despite the fact that neither the show's renewal nor a premiere date has been officially announced. The extraordinary performances of the actors and the brilliant ideas of the show's writers and producers have helped propel it to the level of a remarkable television series that will continue to captivate viewers for many more seasons.

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