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Rush Hour 4 Release Date 2023: Cast | Plot | Trailer | and Everything You Need to Know!

The original Rush Hour movie was launched in 1998, and it was such a commercial and critical success that it led to the creation of two additional sequels, which were then published in the years 2001 and 2007.

Since 2017, there have been rumors that a fourth chapter of the action-comedy series is on the way. Despite this, it has been years since the much-anticipated sequel was released, and we still haven't seen any video of it.

Where can I find information on Rush Hour 4? This is everything that we have learned up to this point.

First Release date:
September 18, 1998 (USA)
Director: Brett Ratner
Ross LaManna, Jim Kouf
Box office:
244.4 million USD
Budget: 35 million USD
Distributed by:
New Line Cinema, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, FilmFlex

Rush Hour 4 Release Date 2023: When Will It Air?

There is no way to tell the exact release date for the fourth film until production begins, but based on the pattern of the previous films, it seems likely that it will be released in late summer.

 The first installment of Rush Hour was released on September 18, 1998, with the second on August 3, 2001, and the third on August 10, 2007.

It's quite doubtful that filming on the fourth picture will begin any time soon, putting the earliest possible release date around 2023. The earliest release could be as late as the summer of 2024.

Rush Hour 4 Cast

We'll have to keep waiting for the official announcement of Rush Hour 4's cast. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker can't finish the franchise without the fourth film.

The show's only constants are those two people. This means there will probably be a large number of brand-new faces in the sequel.

Tzi Ma, who played Ambassador Solon Han in the first two films, may reprise his role in the third.

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Both Julia Hsu and Zhang Jingchu played Soo-Yung (Han's daughter) in the show. However, different actors played them in other movies.

What Will the Plot of Rush Hour 4 Be?

While we can no longer be certain that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will return to the Rush Hour franchise, we can be certain that franchise director Brett Ratner will not.

Although he insists otherwise, director Brett Ratner has been virtually absent from the Hollywood scene ever since multiple players made disturbing allegations of serious sexual assault (via Digital Spy).


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 Assuming that the director's chair for Rush Hour 4 is available, it's safe to assume that the producers would prefer to have Rush Hour 2 and 3 writers Jeff Nathanson back on board to pen the fourth installment.

It would appear that at the time of this writing, neither Nathanson nor any other Hollywood screenwriter is actively developing Rush Hour 4. Because of this, information on the film's plot is extremely scarce. Tucker and Chan have both admitted to having seen a script at some point in the recent past, so it's reasonable to think there's at least a basic storyline floating around somewhere. Evidently, then, someone has figured out the movie's plot. The bad news is that it's not us.

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Considering that each previous Rush Hour film has functioned as a self-contained story only linked by the presence of Lee and Carter, they are of little use in speculating on the future installment.

Therefore, we anticipate that in Rush Hour 4, Lee and Carter will be working together on a new case, and will ultimately bring down a big international crime ring. Of course, they will do this while making jokes and making faces for the camera.

I don't care who else gets mugged as long as it's not Chan and Tucker.

Can the Rush Hour 4 Production Team Be the Same?

Brett Ratner helmed and distributed the first three films for Warner Bros.

After receiving sexual harassment claims from Olivia Munn, Natasha Henstridge, and four others, Ratner has decided not to return for the fourth film.

Warner Bros. said in April 2018 that it would not renew its first-look deals or co-financing with Brett Ratner or his company, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, despite Ratner's denial of the allegations.

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The Trailer for “Rush Hour 4”

The preview cannot be seen at this time. The script for the movie is still being written. But you can watch Rush Hour 3 Trailer Below:

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