Ruda Does Not Tap Into the Question, Opening a Survey of Palmeras by Marinho and K. George: “There Were Suggestions and Conversations”

Recently, Santos continues to be mentioned in the market, speculating, hiring interests, as Conso returns, or through a new survey on the rib, referring to Jean Motta’s negotiations for Alanasbor from Turkey. This Friday (24), the president of the club, Andres Ruda, gave an interview to Nicola's channel and commented on such movements.

One of the questions that arose during the interview was about the interest expressed by Cairo George and Palmeras in Marinho. Ruda went to a tangent and pointed out the situation: “We talk to the presidents (SPs) on the phone at least once a week. Further consultations, conversations, are normal. No plan, no official.”, Answered for 54 minutes of the interview.

The leader of the Alvinegro Bryano confirmed Peaks' position on Jean Motta's proposal for Alanyaspor from Turkey: We will not talk less than that. Talking about values ​​doesn’t add anything, for my part, the negotiation is over. I opposed it and they said it was not enough, ”the president said.

The Gazette Esportiva portal said that in addition to the satisfactory length of his contract, Jean Motta would also have an attractive salary, which prompted him to promote progress in the negotiations. But the general purpose of the negotiations did not please the Peaks. The project involving Alvinegra was less than the 5 million PRL provided by Bahia in 2019 and 4.5 million PRL provided by Fortaleza in 2020.