Rosewood Season 3 Release Date: Renewed Or Not?

Rosewood is an American police procedural television drama series. The series is created by Todd Harthan and is produced by Temple Hill Entertainment, Nickels Productions and 20th Century Fox Television.

When The Series Rosewood Third Season Will Be Released?

Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that Rosewood's third season was canceled by the studio due to the fact that they observed a sharp decline in the show's ratings.

Rosewood has been formally canceled by FOX. The second season of Rosewood will be the final one. Although FOX hasn't announced any plans for the upcoming season, we can never be sure. Season three has not yet been set or planned as of March 2023.

Apart from this, if we check the release date of the first two seasons, they were originally released between September 23, 2015 to April 28, 2017. According to TVlineFox canceled the show after two seasons on May 9, 2017.

What Could Be The Plot Of The Rosewood Series?

The protagonist of the story is the brilliant Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, whose life was in danger due to a serious heart condition. Dennis worked as a professional burglar during the day, but in his free time, he wished to work with detective Annalise Villa to solve crimes. Rosewood and Villa, two of the serial detectives, began to become more engaged in cases that resulted in a developing romance.

However, there was no mention of Rosewood and Villa confessing their emotions to one another in Season 2.

Storyline Of The Rosewood Series

The American historical drama depicted from 1997 served as the inspiration for the show's plot. The Rosewood Massacre in Florida in 1923 additionally performed as inspiration for it.

During the period, when white people assassinated black people but didn't end there; they also demolished the black neighborhood. African-American residents of the tiny Florida town of Rosewood belonged to the middle class. The African population and their area were killed on New Year's Day in 1923 by a white community group.

How Many Episodes Are There in The Series Rosewood?

Apart from knowing about the characters and release date, viewers are curious to know  the episode count of the series. As of now, there is no information, the series will be renewed or not, and how many episodes in the upcoming season will be released.

Here, you can find the episodes of past seasons, the series Rosewood has 44 episodes, each season of the series has 22 episodes.

When Is the Trailer Of Rosewood Season 3 Coming Out?

There is not any official news about the release of Rosewood's next season after cancellation. Therefore, the trailer updates of the new season are unpredictable yet. However, you can watch the trailer of Rosewood season 2, the video link is given below:

Who will Be The Part Of Rosewood Season 3?

On May 9, 2017, Fox decided to end the show. There has been no word on the series' revival for more than three years. As the drop in viewers, Fox is in risk that season 3 will not happen. Despite this drama's small fan group, fans are clamoring for a third season. Additionally, there is an internet request from fans asking for a third season to be ordered. Fox, however, has so far ignored the request.

Fox canceled all upcoming projects after completing Rosewood's second season early this year. The show was terminated after two seasons. Thus, we can not imagine who will be a part of the upcoming season if it is released.

The main characters of the series are given below:

  • Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Darius Rosewood, Jr.
  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Det. Annalise Villa
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy Rosewood, Beaumont's sister
  • Anna Konkle as Tara Milly Izikoff (TMI), girlfriend/wife of Pippy
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Captain/Detective Ira Hornstock
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood, mother of Beaumont
  • Sam Huntington as Dr. Mitchie Mendelson 
  • Eddie Cibrian as Captain Ryan Slade
  • Kamal Angelo Bolden as Ju-Ju

Rosewood Season 3

Where to Watch The Series Rosewood?

The Fox network, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video all offer access to the Series Rosewood. Additionally, different digital stores like iTunes and Google Play sell the entire season of the show. As a part of their subscription plans, some cable and satellite companies also include access to Rosewood episodes. So make sure to inquire about Rosewood episodes from your supplier.

What Is The Ratings Secured The Series Rosewood ?

According to the current ratings stats of various websites, such as IMDbthe Rotten Tomatoes show was good. Around 8.5k IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 7.2 / 10. Additionally, on Rotten tomatoes calculated 83% audience score.

Is The Series Rosewood Worth To Watch?

This program's plot centered on the African-American conflict that actually occurred, is the subject of Rosewood. The program becomes even more compelling to watch, all thanks to its storyline.

If you really want to know what happened in African-American conflict, how the white people assaulted on Black bodies, then it's the medium to know about how serious the situation was. And How the Americans destroyed their neighborhood in Florida, America.


Although Rosewood season 3 was cancelled, the viewers are constantly searching about its renewal date. And the updates regarding the upcoming season remain unknown. The viewers of the show are eagerly waiting for any announcement or update of the new season but the officials are silent after the cancellation news. In future, if we get any official declaration about Rosewood series renewal, we will share with you.

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