Is Roku’s Bad Girls Season 2 Going To Be Renewed Or Canceled? Check Details!

The manga series Rokudo's Bad Girls served as the inspiration for the anime series Rokudo's Bad Girls, which was written by Yichiro Momose. Anime fans have shown a tremendous amount of support for this series thanks to the compelling storyline and powerful female protagonists it features.

Despite their obvious differences, they learn to cooperate with one another as they go through the ups and downs of life in jail. The show has been praised for its engrossing storyline, outstanding acting, and realistic portrayal of life in prison.

The premiere of Season 2 of Bad Girls has piqued my interest as a Rokudo subscriber, and I cannot wait to watch it. Already, the show has a sizable following, and people are very excited about the upcoming second season.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming second season of Bad Girls on Roku, including a review of the first season, potential plot twists, show hype and a lot more information about the upcoming season.

Overview Of Roku's Bad Girls Season 2

Season Name Rokudos Bad Girls
In Japanese Rokudou no Onna-tachi
Number of Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 12
Current Status Season 1 Running
Written by Yûichirô Momose
Directed by Saitou, Keiya
Genre Animation, Comedy, Romance
Cast Gen Satô, Sumire Uesaka, Daisuke Namikawa
Production House Satelight
Music by Takatsugu, Wakabayashi
Country Japan
Language Japanese
First Season Sat Apr 08, 2023 (S1 EP01)
Season 2  In the Article
Run Time 24 Min
Available On Tokyo MX

Is Roku's Bad Girls Season 2 Going To Be Renewed Or Canceled?

The failures that Rokudou Tousuke has had. He is made fun of at school and is given dirty looks by random people, and the only way he can muster the strength to express his frustration is to do so behind the backs of his similarly unfortunate friends.

In a fervent effort to bring about a positive transformation in his life, he makes use of a priceless heirloom passed down through his family: a scroll that possesses the ability to vanquish all demons. It is anticipated that the second season will debut in the year 2024.

What IS The Release Date Of Roku's Bad Girls Season 2?

It has been confirmed by Satelight, the production company that is responsible for Rokudo's Bad Girls, that the second season of the show is scheduled to make its debut in the year 2024.

Fans who are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating saga have responded enthusiastically to the news, even though there is no specific date that has been confirmed at this time.

The second season of the popular supernatural action anime Bad Girls, which is produced by Rokudo, is almost ready to premiere! The show debuted in 2020 and has since amassed an enthusiastic following since then.

roku's bad girls season 2 release date

The current situation is that the official release date of Season 2 is going to be announced Soon. On the other hand, it is anticipated that Season 2 will be made available sometime in the year 2024.

It is highly likely that additional information pertaining to the third season of the show will be made public in the very near future, so followers of the television show should be sure to keep an eye out for any further updates.

Storyline Of Roku's Bad Girls

A first-year student at Amori High, where offenders make up the majority of the student body, Tousuke Rokudou longs for a tranquil existence with the people he keeps company with.

This, however, appears to be impossible given the persistent bullying he endures at the hands of his disruptive classmates. When Rokudou and his companions are at their nadir, a mysterious package addressed to him from his grandfather, who has been dead for a very long time, is delivered to him.

It is said that the mysterious scroll, which has been in his family since the Heian period of Japanese history, contains a method for warding off evil and warding off demons. Also contained within the chest is a priest's robe.

He performs the ritual in order to activate the scroll's power so that he can fight against his criminal tormentors.

Rokudou's friends come to the conclusion that the administration of the scroll does not shield the user from evil spirits and monsters but rather makes him popular with nefarious women after a misbehaving young woman puts an end to a bully who has been tormenting Rokudou.

Rokudou makes a solemn oath to improve his strength and make use of his power to realize his dream of leading a peaceful school life. Along the way, he unwittingly acquires a harem consisting of rebellious schoolgirls.

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Cast Of Roku's Bad Girls

Characters Voice by
Himawari, Ranna Uesaka, Sumire
Hinomoto, Masaru Namikawa, Daisuke
Kijima, Kouta Ishida, Akira
Rokudou, Tousuke Satou, Gen
Furukawa, Aoi Nanami, Hiroki
Himeno, Azami Yomichi, Yuki
Iinuma, Haruya Ishiya, Haruki

Where Can I Watch Roku's Bad Girls?

You can easily watch it on Tokyo MX and Crunchyroll.

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Trailer OF Roku's Bad Girls Season 2?

There is no trailer for Roku's Bad Girls season 2 but you can enjoy the trailer season 1 trailer. To watch the trailer of Season 1 Click Here

Rating And Review Of Roku's Bad Girls

roku's bad girls season 2 release date

One of the first juvenile offenders that Rokudo attempts to rehabilitate is not even a female. Someone who had bullied Rokuto in the past is referred to by his name.

In addition to the primary male protagonist, there are two additional major male characters. This harem is not like the others you've seen before.

The initial impression of Rokudo is that he is a coward; however, he works hard to overcome his limitations and defend himself and the people he cares about. In contrast to another anime, which I will not name, Rokudo does not moan and groan about its predicament.

It is energizing to see that he is making an effort to find a solution to a problem rather than just standing there like an idiot. His strategies are very effective at solving a variety of issues.

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The committed followers of the show have taken to various social media platforms to voice their excitement for the upcoming second season. A significant number of viewers are eager for the story to proceed and for the cliffhanger from the first season to be resolved.

Some individuals are having a conversation about their forecasts for future events. It would appear that Rokudo's Bad Girls season 2 will be just as interesting and dramatic as the season before it in its entirety.

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