Roguebook: Finally Launched for PlayStation, Xbox & Switch Version Coming Soon!

What is Roguebook?

The ancients spoke of a Book that had been written since the beginning of time and contained all of the world's legends.

This relic was lost in a well in Faeria after many fantastic adventures, which are detailed in the Faeria – Chronicles of Gagana book.

Because of its interaction with this magical source, the Book developed a wicked free will of its own and was transformed into the Roguebook!


Each page of the Book of Lore of Faeria offers a new obstacle when you find yourself trapped within it.

In this roguelike deck builder built in collaboration with Richard Garfield, the inventor of Magic: The gathering, you will guide your two heroes to victory in battle.

Assemble the strongest synergy between cards, relics, and abilities, and prepare to face off against the Roguebook!

Roguebook Release For PlayStation, Xbox, And Switch

Because of its hybrid nature, the Switch has proven to be an excellent platform for deckbuilding games, which are often equally suited to rapid blasts on the go as they are to extended sessions on the TV.

Among the upcoming games is Roguebook, which will be released on the Nintendo Switch this spring and created by Abrakam Entertainment (Faeria) with input from Magic: The Gathering co-creator Richard Garfield, who also served as co-designer.


It's been available on PC since Summer 2021, and it's now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the latter of which serves as the launch platform for Fugoro, a new playable character introduced in the game.

Overall, the game has received great feedback on Steam, and it may be worth keeping an eye on when it ultimately finds its way to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Roguebook Launch Trailer for PS5 & PS4

Final Words

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