Rogerio Cheney’s Divergent Reactions to Rage Attacks With Alternatives in Flamenco

Rogerio Cheney has the most famous team in Brazilian football. Therefore, he has been awarded beautiful plays, goals and titles since taking charge Flamenco. However, it also works in conjunction with the irritability of the stars.

Recently, it was the attitude of some athletes that gave the coach a headache. In the game against Capigol, Gerson and now Point Pedro Strength, Complained publicly about the alternatives. The coach had different reactions for each episode.

The first is the ‘shouted’ capillary. In January, the shirt was removed during a match against 9 Athlete-P.R, Left the field without speaking to Cheney and screamed. At the press conference, the coach wore warm clothes.

“There was no disagreement. Gabriel complained that he did not have many balls,” the commander said in January.

Four months later, it was Gerson’s turn. In May, the fight against Welles Charlesfield, For that Libertadores Conmepol, He played and served a game below average. On the way out, Shirt 8 threw a bottle on the bench and expressed his displeasure. After the match, Cheney conducted the episode normally.

“When he leaves the tension he throws a bottle of water on the shore, but it’s in the package, part of it … I don’t know how the negotiations are going. I hope he can stay. I think he will stay. But even the management can give you a final answer. If not, I have no answer on this matter, ”the commander said.


‘I think this is ugly; I’m sorry ‘; Finished Flamenco’s coach

But now with Pedro, the coach had a different approach. The coach, who faced the attacker’s blindness, did not avoid criticism on the 21 shirt, classifying the episode as regrettable and disrespectful.

“I’m sorry. I think it’s disrespectful, not only with me, but with the player going in, with the club, anyway. It’s not like Point Pedro, he’s a good guy, a good guy. I think this call thing, the team is shaking his head. “I want to take it that way. I think it’s a sad scene, it doesn’t apply in today’s football,” Cheney said.

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