Rod Stewart’s Son Sean Announces Divorce One Year After Tying the Knot

Rod Stewart’s son Sean married wife Jody in 2023.

In a shocking turn of occasions, Sean Stewart, the child of incredible shake star Pole Stewart, is separating his spouse of one year, TV maker Jody Weintraub.

This news has been reported by Daily Mail. This news has shocked fans and many family members. Reports suggest that the couple has already separated and have now finally started the process of getting a divorce.

Sean, whose best companion is Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, shocked his family in February 2023 with the declaration that he had hitched Jody in Las Vegas.

The elopement was a unconstrained choice, with Sean proposing amid a sentimental feast at Capture Eatery in Sin City. Fair hours afterward, the couple made their way to the famous Small Church of the West and tied the hitch, clad in their normal clothing.

Their tornado sentiment was a rekindling of an ancient association, as the match had known each other since tall school. Presented through a shared companionmaker Courtenay Semel, Sean and Jody's relationship appeared predetermined for a fairy-tale ending.

However, the reality proved more complex. Jodie, who is the daughter of the late Ocean's Eleven creator Jerry Weintraub, brought with her a son from her first marriage.

Earlier this year, Shawn and Jodie tried to build a life together by buying a house in Los Angeles.

Despite these positive steps, the pressures and challenges of marriage took their toll. The couple will likely sell the home as they move forward with their separation. Shawn's background is just as interesting as his father Rod Stewart's.

Rod Stewart's Son Sean Announces Divorce  One Year After Tying the Knot

Shawn is the son of Rod Stewart and his first wife, Alana Collins, whom Rod married in 1979.

Their five-year marriage produced their daughter Kimberly, now 43. Alana was not only married to Rod, but also to actor George Hamilton, making the family arrangement even more complicated.

Thinking back over the past year, Shawn has made big changes. He has lost 40 pounds in the last six months through daily workouts. He told that he wakes up at 4 in the morning and starts working out. Apart from this, they also go for a long walk throughout the day.

Shawn also revealed that his decision was motivated by his desire to feel better and slim down over the summer.

Shawn's variable biography is also linked to his professional endeavors. He is currently shooting the pilot of a new TV show that will promote his career as the designer of his brand “Dirty Weekend”.

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