Rock the Block Season 4: Is This Season Coming Back in 2022?

The most ambitious house repair show is “Rock the Block” on HGTV. The channel is known for its many home improvement shows, but “Rock the Block” goes a step further by putting well-known home improvement experts against each other.

rock the block season 4

They have a set amount of money and time to change two houses that look the same. At the end of each season, experts look at the houses and give them value. The winner is the renovator whose home is worth the most.

After that, the season's winner gets a street named after them and the right to brag. Since its first episode on October 21, 2019, the show has gained a lot of fans, and each season adds something new for people to like.

Since the last season just ended, fans are eager to hear about a possible fourth season. Here are all the facts we know about it!

Who be Will in Rock the Block Season 4?

During the second and third seasons of Rock the Block, Ty Pennington was the host. He is the most well-known face on TV for design and home improvement. Since he did a great job as a host, the crowd loves him. So, when Season 4 of Rock The Block starts, he will undoubtedly go back to being the host.

The reality show also has experts and well-known guests who help the contestants give them tips and advice. We expect these experts to come back for the show's fourth season.

For the third season, some contestants were Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, Dave and Jenny Marrs, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, and Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb.

Season 4 of Rock the Block will have a great group of well-known home-improvement experts. Some people who have been on the show before might come back.

The Plot of Rock the Block Season 4

rock the block season 4

“Rock the Block” is a dream come true for people who like to work in their own homes. On the show, skilled house renovators are given an empty house with the same layout and design. The challenge for these experienced contestants is to build a dream house on a budget and within a certain amount of time.

Each week, renovators work on a different part of a house, but the most important thing is how the house turns out in the end. The expert panel picks a winner based on how much the finished homes are worth. After that, the public can look at these houses and buy them if they want to.

Each season gives the competition a new twist. In Season 3, teams of two people worked together to win the grand prize. If the show is brought back for a fourth season, it will be interesting to see how the contestants interact and how they come up with new ideas.

Also, each season of the show focuses on a different part of the United States. The third one was set in Charleston, South Carolina, but if there is a season 4, the competition might move to a whole new place.

When Will Season 4 of Rock the Block Come Out?

“Rock the Block” season three started on February 28, 2022, and ended on April 4, 2022. The third season of Rock the Block has six episodes, and each one is about an hour long. So far, everything we know about Season 4 is in this article. The show has not yet been picked up for a fourth season.

But the show has gained a loyal following of people who want to watch the professionals work. The maxed-out homes look the same at the start of a season, but their final results are very different. This shows how each member sees the game.

The show is so popular that it is almost sure to come back. This is because it features well-known home renovators, and the results are always beautiful. Also, the show tells people how many home improvements are worth and how they can help increase the value of their own homes. Season 4 of “Rock the Block” is set to start in the first quarter of 2023 or later if the show gets an early go-ahead.

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Trailer for Season 4 of Rock the Block

The show Rock the Block cares the most about how beautiful and valuable houses are. Even though the production units haven't said anything official yet, we may soon get a sneak peek.

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Where Can You Watch Season 4 of Rock the Block?

rock the block season 4

In 2019, HGTV showed all three seasons of Rock the Block for the first time. It was also seen being streamed on Amazon Prime Videos. So, we can guess that the fourth season will be just like the first three and will be out soon.

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