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Who is Robyn Brown’s Ex-husband David Jessop From Sister Wives? The Story of Her First Marriage

Star of the hit show “Sister Wives” As of right now, Robyn Brown is happily married to Kody Brown. However, his most recent and fourth wife is no stranger to marriage or divorce.

When Robyn married David Jessop in the past, she decided to join the Sister Wives cast in 2010.

She married young, had three kids, and barely talks about her marriage. She gave birth to her son David in January of 2000, at the age of 20. She and her husband went on to conceive two more daughters, Aurora in 2002 and Breanna in 2005.

They tied the knot in June of 1999 and split up in 2007.

What About Opening With a Discussion of Robyn Brown's Identity?

Born on October 9, 1978, Robyn Alice Brown is Kody Brown's fourth wife. She was previously married to Christine Brown. Together, she and Kody have had five children: three from her first marriage and two from her second.

robyn brown ex husband

Robyn's early life is shrouded in mystery, while it is known that she lost her “purity” in the lead-up to her wedding.

Robyn became pregnant outside of wedlock before she married David Jessop. They wed in June 1999, and their son David Preston (now Dayton) was born on January 16, 2000.

Aurora Alice, a daughter, was born to them on June 4, 2002, and Breanna Rose, a daughter, was born to them on October 7, 2005.

In 2007, David initiated divorce proceedings, but Robyn now says she wanted out of the marriage for abusive reasons.


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October 9, 1978 (Age 43 Years), Utah
Dayton Brown, Breanna Jessop, Aurora Jessop, Ariella Mae Brown, Solomon Brown
Kody Brown (M. 2014), David Preston Jessop (M. 1999–2007)
Tv Shows: Sister Wives
Nationality: American
Becoming Sister Wives: the Story of an Unconventional Marriage

Who Is Her Ex-Husband David Jessop, Exactly?

Today, David Preston Jessop, who turned 43 on August 26, is celebrating his 44th birthday. There are 9 male children in his family, and he is the second youngest. Due to the fact that his father had numerous concubines, he also had many half-siblings.

Louis and Mary are the names of David's parents. As of the time of their wedding, his father Louis was Mary's uncle through marriage. Their Church sanctioned polygamy, therefore many of them were connected through marriage or blood.

David was born in the United States and most likely grew up in Montana. It is known that he has spent his professional life in the HVAC industry, but little more is known about him. David Jessop avoids the spotlight and is devoted to his personal solitude.

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How Come Robyn Brown and David Jessop Got a Divorce?

Domestic Violence Allegations Led to Their Separation.

The TV celebrity claims that she was first saddened by the news of her pregnancy, but that she eventually got over it and made an effort to save the relationship. She dedicated the rest of her life to this pursuit, and although their marriage was doomed from the start, things deteriorated rapidly over time.

robyn brown ex husband

Robyn Brown says she went through a lot because of David Brown, and that he was abusive to her and their children. A year and a half later, the couple had already separated and divorced.

However, David Preston Jessop said nothing about the conflict between them. He seems determined to avoid the spotlight altogether. He refused to give any interviews, despite having multiple opportunities to explain his position.

David Preston would absolutely not want his children's private lives shown on national television, according to a person who was close to him.

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What Happened to Robyn Brown's First Husband?

According to Radar Online, Jessop was arrested on suspicion of “partner or family member assault inflicting bodily injury” on January 12. The news source claims that he was released from prison after serving only four days.

After entering a not guilty plea, the allegation against him was reduced to disorderly conduct on August 31, 2018, according to a report by Radar. The site mentioned that Jessop was fined.

Who Exactly Are David Jessop and Robyn Brown's Children?

Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna were the offspring of the exes. Kody adopted the three kids after he and Robyn tied the knot in 2014. The businessman got a divorce from his first wife, Meri, and married Robyn. Physically divorced, he stayed married in spirit.

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Robyn and Kody's children Ariella and Solomon are their additions to the family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kody Brown Related to David Jessop in Any Way?

If you believe Ashley's Reality Roundup, Kody and David are third cousins. To be technically correct, Kody has a blood relationship with his adopted children from Robyn's marriage to David.

Does Sister Wives Ever Share a Bed?

Most experts agree that wives have separate, intimate connections with their husbands rather than engaging in sexual activity together.

Are Christine and Janelle Related?

The TLC star is still close to Janelle and her son over a year after ending her 26-year poly marriage to Kody Brown. Christine Brown isn't saying goodbye to all of her Sister Wives relatives.

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