Roberto de Andrade talks about reinforcements in the second half and criticizes the market

Much has been said about the need to strengthen the team at Alvinegro after Corinthians' recent dismissals. However, according to football director Roberto de Andrade, the fact that the club does not have the resources to bring in new names is not new to anyone. According to the agent, however, the market is not good for hiring.

“No one hides anything from anyone. We always told fans that this would be a very difficult year and that the club did not have the resources to sign a big deal and that the team would be more or less what it is. In the second half, we will look at the market to see if anything fits in our pocket to give the team more quality. Of course there is hope for better results, but championships are hard, we work, ”the director explained in an interview

We will continue to see this icing on the cake, but you can not find a player. If we have 5 or 10 million euros, we will not hire anyone. The market is so bad, you can’t find a player to come and solve“, Completed.

Nowadays, some names are remembered by fans, due to the desire to have a player or the contract situation. Roberto de Andrade was directly involved in clarifying some speculation. Regarding Tentinho and Alex Dixie, who may be leaving Shakhtar Donetsk for free, the director replied: “Forget it.”

Roberto was already cautious about Paulinho trying to end his contract with Guangzhou Evergrande of China. Corinthians, worth remembering, is monitoring the player's condition, As shown My Timon This week.

“Paulinho is very difficult, of course we have a desire for the player he is, but it's difficult for his resources. It's difficult, but I'm not saying it's impossible. “, Announced.

As for parts of the current cast, Roberto de Andrt Camacho has not ruled out the possibility of negotiating with Santos, as has been reported in recent days. According to the director, Dimeo is “waiting for Santos to reveal himself”. Finally, the manager turned down the opportunity to ask Silvinho to repay loan players such as Johnson, who was at Atletico-GO.

“No, we are not asking for anyone's income, which follows normal loans until the end of the year,” the director concluded.

Corinthians face Palmeiras in the third round of the Brazilian Championship this Saturday at 7pm. The game will take place at Alliance Park.

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