Rob Kardashian Is Dating an Instagram Model

Who is Rob Kardashian's girlfriend Aileen Gisselle, you may question if you've been following the Kardashians' antics on social media recently. Keeping Up With the Kardashians actress Kris Jenner and Aileen revealed their romance on Monday, August 3, when she shared a video of the two on a romantic date on her Instagram Story.

The video showed Rob, who was clad in a hat and a black shirt, sitting across the table from her as the two of them ate their meal together. As a bonus, Aileen added a romantic filter to the video, which played seductive mood music and displayed hearts over Rob's face.

Rob Kardashian enjoys dinner date with Instagram model Aileen Gisselle as she posts video of slimmed-down star

This new romance for Rob comes nearly four years after the E! personality called off his engagement to then-fiancee Blac Chyna, with whom he has a 3-year-old daughter named Dream Kardashian. Rob and Chyna's relationship was not without its share of difficulties. Following their breakup, Rob posted private images of Chyna on his Instagram account, three of which showed her naked.

This prompted Chyna to file for a restraining order against the reality star and a contentious custody fight over their daughter, Dream. Chyna and Rob reached an agreement in September 2017 to share joint custody of Dream, and it appears that the two are on their way to developing a positive co-parenting relationship.

This brings us back to Rob Kardashian's girlfriend, Aileen Gisselle, who was previously mentioned. Listed below is all we know about her thus far.

Who is Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend Aileen Gisselle?


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The 29-year-old Instagram model Aileen Gisselle currently has 259,000 followers as of August 5, 2020, according to her bio. It is @lordgisselle who manages her Instagram account. Gisselle is a mother and a father, just like Rob. Her ex-husband and she are the parents of a daughter named Emoniee. Emoniee also has her own Instagram account, which has more than 3,000 followers under the handle @ilyxemoniee.


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What do Rob Kardashian’s sisters think of his girlfriend Aileen Gisselle?

A source told HollywoodLife in August that Rob’s sisters—Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner—are “protective” of their brother as he starts a new relationship. Though the sisters knew that Rob was dating someone, they didn’t know who until Aileen’s Instagram video.

“Rob's sisters noted that he was much happier than before, and they were able to extract the information that he was talking to someone he liked from him, but that was all they could get out of him.” They've been giving him his space, but now that this has happened, they're not so sure.

If the information is out there, they will question him more,” the person stated.

They will want to meet her as soon as possible if it is a serious situation,” the insider stated. They have a strong protective instinct for him… Being the lone Kardashian brother has some rewards, as you can see in the video below. However, it can be difficult for him whenever he begins dating a new female because, of course, his sisters will want to know every detail about their brother's relationship. This is especially true now that Dream has entered the picture, and it is no longer just about Rob.”

Even though the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are “protective” of Rob, they understand that he should make his own decisions when it comes to his romantic relationships.

“However, they truly trust him to make his judgments, and they recognize that Rob has gained valuable experience from his previous relationships,” the insider stated. “They can sense Rob's renewed confidence as a result of his return to fitness, and they are pleased to see him putting himself out there in terms of dating.” They're content with him as long as he's content, and they simply want to make sure he is in a happy relationship with the proper person.”