Rick and Morty Season 6 Has Been Animated And On It’s Way To Air!

The sixth season of Rick and Morty is on the way. While there are few specifics available about the upcoming season of Rick and Morty, any formal announcement is a significant improvement over the information provided to fans in prior seasons. At the very least, it’s something.

A significant amount has already been said about Rick and Morty’s sixth season instead of being in a state of will they/won’t they limbo. In the next section, this information will be laid out for you and some of our guesses about what Rick and Morty may be up to in the future. Time to go schwifty and find out where Rick and Morty season 6 is. Are you ready to take on the world?

No Release Date for Rick and Morty Season 6, Although Development Is Underway

Rick and Morty Season 6
Rick and Morty Season 6

Season 4 of Rick and Morty aired in 2020, and season 5 aired in 2021, meaning season 6 is expected to premiere in 2022. Right? Hopefully so. COVID (and other things) cannot be predicted to influence production, but Rick and Morty’s season 6 writing is already well started, if not done.

Production on the sixth and seventh seasons of Adult Swim will begin in 2020, according to Dan Harmon at Adult Swim Con. “We have all these authors out to write season 6, and we’ve spent the last couple of months with new writers discussing season 6,” Harmon stated.

“This is a bizarre predicament, given how frequently the show’s crew has fallen behind schedule. Scripts have always been awaited eagerly by the creative community. Finally, we’re attempting to alter the rules so that they have something to draw on as we progress. So, there you have it.”

In August of 2021, writer Cody Ziglar tweeted that production on season seven had been completed, indicating that at least some of Rick and Morty’s season six had been completed by that point.

During the Interdimensional RSS podcast, Season 6 producer Scott Marder gave a status report (via ComicBook.com). “We’re nearing the finish of season 7 right now,” he remarked. To say that season 6 is animating, everything is in the process.

“There’s going to be less of a wait,” Jerry’s voice actor Chris Parnell said of the breaks between future seasons back in 2020. Thanks to the Adult Swim order, the program is nearing a constant tempo and will be back on our screens in less than a year.

We should expect the sixth season to arrive around the middle to late 2022, given the expedited procedure compared to prior years – and using the last two seasons as a gauge. September and November are the most likely months for a big comeback.


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Rick and Morty Season 6: Cast

Rick and Morty Season 6
Rick and Morty Season 6

Season 6 of Rick and Morty will include the return of the show’s regular cast members. This implies that Justin Roiland will be reprising his roles as Rick and Morty, which will certainly do damage to his vocal cords. Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, and Spencer Grammer should reprise their roles as Beth, Jerry, and Summer.

The program has begun employing guest performers more extensively in recent years. There have been appearances by Taika Waititi, Elon Musk, and Steve Buscemi in the previous two seasons. However, no new episodes have been confirmed for the sixth season of Rick and Morty, so that we can expect the same quality.

We’re also still waiting for Dan Harmon to pay respect to his prior cult sitcom, Community ultimately. In Rick and Morty, almost all of Greendale’s study group members have appeared.

Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, and Joel McHale have all played a part in the series. Yvette Nicole Brown and Danny Pudi may not be far behind, but Donald Glover is likely more difficult to acquire.

Rick and Morty Season 6: Storyline

Rick and Morty Season 6
Rick and Morty Season 6

Season finales for Rick and Morty tend to deviate from the norm. After season five, a wilder or more controlled sixth season might be on the horizon. The program has already introduced Space Beth, murdered Birdperson, and imprisoned Rick in space. Those events are equally plausible points to the show’s absurd concept.

Season five concluded with Evil Morty smashing the Central Finite Curve and destroying The Citadel. Ricks employed the newly discovered construct to keep out alternate realities and worlds in which he wasn’t the most competent person. Do you need a quick review?

In addition to being destroyed, Evil Morty has created a reality in which Rick isn’t the dominant force. Who knows what he’ll discover there. Rick and Morty will not catch up with him any time soon, so this will not turn out well for any of them.

That’s because Rick C-137 might not be able to easily travel around the multiverse owing to Evil Morty’s masterplan’s portal fluid. Ricks we’ve seen before is also a part of this.

Finality is introduced to a series that had previously laughed at logic and shrugged off natural consequences by changing the ending of the series. Because he doesn’t have any do-overs this time, Rick may have to live on eggshells for the rest of his life.

Evil Morty, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. With the Central Finite Curve physically enclosing even Rick’s portal-hopping shenanigans in the last several seasons, it’s safe to say that his future escapades have endless possibilities.

If the show’s penchant for making everything a meta-joke means that everything will return to normal in the second minute of the season six premiere, so be it.

Rick and Morty Season 6: Theories

Rick and Morty Season 6
Rick and Morty Season 6

In the past, we’ve said it, and we’ll repeat it: We’d love to see Rick and Morty include more canon into their plots. Rick’s origins, the identity of Beth, and Evil Morty’s big scheme have all been established in the previous several seasons.

It’s no secret that Rick is a scumbag who ruins the lives of everyone around him. As a comedy, it’s important to remember that Rick and Morty excel when the humor is balanced with heartfelt moments. To continue ahead, these are the show’s most essential attributes.

We’re expecting Rick and Morty to be more careful with canon in the future, given the series’ handling of the season 5 conclusion. It’s best if standalone episodes are prioritized (and they will be), but there’s always the option of returning to the well if the situation calls for it.

For some reason, Rick’s portal pistol cannot function without some fluid — presumably Mountain Dew. Rick may have to keep things on solid ground until they can switch between universes again if they can’t leap from one to the other.

Interdimensional Cable and Morty’s Mind-Blowers are fan favorites that we’d be happy to see back.

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