Who Is the Richest BTS Member? Each Member Net Worth

BTS is without a doubt the finest K-pop group on the planet. The boy band’s reputation was destroyed during the rest of the year, especially following the release of “Dynamite,” their first English-language song.

The original was responsible for their (and K- pop’s) first Grammy entry. BTS members are scaling the stairs of advancement as their second English-language single, “Butter,” approaches.

In addition to the revenues from the central club, each chapter has its own set of plans that distribute the income. The group’s cost has increased as HYBE bets citizens with its IPO this year.

Net Worth of BTS

BTS made $170 million in 2019, coming in second only behind Metallica. The team was valued at $50 million as of June 2020. This was, of course, before BTS’ amusement firm, Big Hit.

Every BTS member earns a basic salary of $8 million. In addition, each member owns 68,000 shares of HYBE property, resulting in a $8 million delivered fee for each member. Every member’s base internet value is estimated to be approximately $16 million.

Who Is the Wealthiest Member of BTS?

Richest BTS Member

While the seven members of BTS are mostly involved in group endeavours, they also have their own individual projects. RM, for example, is one of the Korea Music Copyright Association’s newest members (KOMCA). More than a hundred and thirty songs have been credited to his name.

J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok) or Suga are seen to be the most successful BTS members (Min Yoon Gi). Given their ambitions, each donors are valued between $23 and $26 million. In 2018, J-Hope advertised a rental in Seoul that is currently valued at over $2 million.

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RM (Kim Nam Joon) is next on the list of BTS’s wealthiest members, with an estimated net worth of more than $20 million. RM is without a doubt one of the most powerful individuals in K-pop, with two solo mixtapes and multiple writing awards.


Jimin (Park Ji Min) of BTS is said to be valued between $18 and $20 million on the internet. Jimin has the highest potential as one of the lead vocalists and a songwriter, typically scoring at range 1 for heroes with unique business names.


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has a similar predicted online worth to Jimin and is one of ARMY’s favourites. Jungkook is not just a talented writer, speaker, and dancer, but he is also the most Google-examined BTS member.

V and Jin

Jin (Kim Seok Jin) and V (Kim Tae Hyung) are estimated to be worth $18 and $19 million on the internet, respectively. V and Jin are known for their voices, with V extending out into performing as well.

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In addition, V is expected to release his first mixtape this year. Meanwhile, Jin is the most marketing-savvy of the BTS members, having co-founded a Japanese restaurant with his brother in South Korea.


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