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Riches Ending Explained: Nina Finally Recover the Lost Money?

Riches Ending Explained: The show “Riches” can be summed up in one word: “Awesome.” The plot twists & turns were strategically placed & the story flowed smoothly. We have discussed how careful consideration of the racial context is required whenever the narrative is flipped to center on black people. That’s a big part of what makes “Riches” reality believable. The plot centers on Nina Richards, the estranged daughter of cosmetics tycoon Stephen Richards & her efforts to manage the family business after she inherits it from her father. In this article, we provide you information about Riches Ending Explained. Keep reading, to know in detail.

Riches Plot Synopsis

Multimillionaire cosmetics mogul Stephen Richards makes touch with his previous wife’s daughter, Nina, years after their divorce. Nina hangs up the phone, not wanting to speak to her father who she believes chose Claudia over her mother. Stephen collapses at his workplace a few hours after the call & his loved ones quickly learn of his death.

Nina & her brother Simon do not feel particularly moved to attend their father’s funeral, but they do so because they were invited & because they wanted to be present for the reading of their father’s will. Although Stephen bequeathed all of his possessions to his friends & relatives, he put all of his shares in Flair & Glory into the names of his children, Nina & Simon.

Riches Ending Explained

Claudia & her children were taken aback by the will because they received no inheritance from the business. Claudia assured them that they would reclaim their property.  It didn’t take long for her to figure out that the business was on the edge of collapse. Her father told her recently that he believes someone is out to get him & the business.

Nina looked into the company’s operations & found that 20 million pounds are missing. In the middle of this, Claudia plotted to depose Nina. She successfully persuaded the company’s shareholders to vote Nina off the board.

Nina followed a clue about the stolen cash to Zurich, Switzerland, where she found evidence that her father had been looking into Claudia. A DNA test that Stephen had done on all of his kids revealed that Wanda wasn’t actually his biological daughter. To recover her position at Flair & Glory, Nina used this against Claudia.

Nina, aided by their attorney Gideon, returned to the corporation & continued her investigation into the disappearing funds. The lawyer presented evidence & reasoning that put the blame for everything on André, who had taken Gideon’s place. After wasting no time, Nina called the police & had André taken into custody. Sometime later, she quietly rescued him & explained that the whole thing had been a setup to catch the true villain & bring him to justice.

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Who Is the Real Thief?

Nina takes André back to her house, where he meets Simon & Davina, Staff of Flair & Glory. Nina tells everyone that Gideon is the person who stole £20 million. While Gideon has always been on Nina’s side.

He is more experienced, she & Simon began to suspect foul play when they noticed that Claudia & André seemed to constantly be one step ahead of them. In addition, he created brand-new accounts in André’s name & falsely blamed him for everything. Nina made clear that at this point, they are only speculating & that further investigation may be required.

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Does Nina Finally Recover the Lost Money?

Family feuds are put on hold when everyone begins to wonder if Gideon is the thief. In the course of his research, André discovers OEM Holdings. In this case, the company was linked to one that Flair & Glory was funding indirectly. OEM Holdings would always buy more property for itself if the money disappeared from Flair & Glory.

Together, Nina & André made the connection that Gideon is using the name of his late son, Oliver Ethan Martin, to control OEM Holdings. He is using Flair & Glory funds to launder criminal proceeds. As to whether they should report Gideon to the Fraud Squad or face him head-on, Nina & André were torn.

Riches Ending Explained

Since all Nina wanted was her money back, she opted for the latter. They have been forthright with their questions to Gideon about OEM Holdings & they claim to be very close to bringing him down. Gideon considered the situation & resolved to repay the stolen funds over time. Gideon will have to live with the constant threat that Nina & André can call the police on him whenever they like thanks to the papers they have. He won’t be able to relax & enjoy life anytime soon.

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