Richard Antoine White Net Worth: How Did He Transitioned From Being Homeless To New Mexico Philharmonic?

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A Bit About Richard Antoine White: Classical musician Richard Antoine White plays the piano. He serves as the main tubist for the New Mexico Philharmonic and the Santa Fe Symphony. And even if he hasn't added beatboxing to the custom yet, he has introduced an encouraging personal tale.

How Richard Antoine White Transitioned From Homelessness in Sandtown to Becoming a Member of the New Mexico Philharmonic

Richard Antoine White spent the first four years of his life sleeping on a piece of cardboard stuffed between the roots of a tree on Riggs Avenue in Baltimore's Sandtown-Winchester district. He traversed the snow without shoes. Also, he ate from garbage cans and took showers in public restrooms. He always kept one bite beneath his tongue if he got hungry later.

Richard Antoine White Net Worth

He had no recollection of rats nibbling on his belly when he was a baby and left alone in an abandoned building. But where the rodents' fangs punctured his flesh, he still bears a little scar to the right of his navel.

Every time White takes a shower or dons his tuxedo for a performance with the New Mexico Philharmonic, where he serves as a principal tubist, he notices that scar. White is a professor at the University of New Mexico and holds a degree in music with a focus on tuba playing.

Richard Antoine White didn't just overcome the odds; he crushed them.

Since moving to Albuquerque in 2004, White has established himself as a beloved member of the neighborhood.

White's tuba has a “beautiful, deep, dark tone,” according to University of New Mexico music professor Pamela Viktoria Pyle, who also praises him for his civic involvement after his first orchestra went bankrupt in 2011. White played a vital role in establishing the New Mexico Philharmonic, the orchestra's replacement.

Cellist Carla Lehmeier-Tatum remembered the winter storm that left 30 out-of-town kids stranded in a hotel and forced the cancellation of a statewide music competition in Albuquerque that year.

Richard Antoine White Net Worth

She replied, “Richard got in his car and drove through the ice storm. “He conducted multiple music clinics with only two hours' notice.”

White has discovered that even a minor intervention can have a significant effect.

White admitted, “I'm still trying to figure this out, but when I read my book, I'm amazed at how little it takes to make a difference. Sometimes all you need to do is give a child food.

Richard Antoine Statements

  • “My routine was to look in the gutter, find some coins, figure out how I would get some chicken gizzards or chicken wings for the day, and then off to find my mom if we weren't together. That was my normal.”

Richard Antoine White Net Worth

  • “You're the only tuba player because there's only one tuba for orchestra. And then, on top of it, you're the only African American. If you look out in the audience, you're lucky if you see one African American in the audience. So, you are conscious of that.
  • What's fascinating to me is that we all have to choose from the same letters. Whether you're Caucasian or African American, when I'm on the stage with my colleagues, there's not a set of notes that says for Black people. And we work together towards a common goal.
  • And I think finding the musical instrument was the first time I experienced a real sense of belonging.


In his new book, Richard Antoine thanked all his village members who helped him give himself up. In his book, he honestly thanked and supported his village members for being with him. He was a homeless man in us. Suddenly he changed his lifestyle when he became successful with the support of his family members.

Twelve undergraduate and graduate musicians from the University of New Mexico's tuba ensemble got ready early one January morning to fly to Canada for the group's first-ever foreign concert.

Four were whining even before they had departed Albuquerque. The group was established in 2005 by Richard Antoine White, a tuba/euphonium associate professor at UNM. It is formally known as the University of New Mexico's Harvey Phillips Chapter of the International Tuba Euphonium Association.

They were performing in Manitoba and Winnipeg while attending a low-brass festival. Splitting the group in half to fly a dozen students and himself from Albuquerque to Winnipeg required four of the participants to board a flight at six in the morning. Those students complained about having to board a bus from campus to the airport around four in the morning.

What Is Richard White's Net Worth?

Richard white's net worth is $2.38 Billion.