Retreat To Enen – What We Know So Far

What Is Retreat To Enen About?

In the year 3600 CE, humanity is no longer recognizable. Century-long warfare, socioeconomic turmoil, and the approaching climatic catastrophe have all contributed to the extinction of the world's most iconic animal.

When humanity was on the verge of extinction, they turned back and chose a different path: one of healing, peace, and reverence for the ecosystem that they are a part of. Each and every human who reaches adulthood on the island of Enen is now charged with learning how to become one with Nature as the planet begins to recover.

Retreat To Enen

Return to Enen is a documentary that focuses on this rite of passage. Once on this famous island, you will learn how to live in peaceful harmony with nature by surviving on your own, uncovering the island's mysteries, and mastering the art of meditation.

What Is The Release Date?

Unfortunately, there is no release date as of now as the game is in development. Stay tuned for any updates on this area!

Features of Retreat To Enen

  • Experience a soothing and intriguing survival game in which meditation is required in order to go further.
  • Map out the island of Enen, scavenge for food, hunt for game, and gather materials in order to construct a peaceful home in which to spend many nights in peace and quiet.
  • Seek out ancient ruins and meditation sites in order to uncover the secrets of humanity in the thirty-seventh century.
  • Explore three huge and varied biomes on your journey. Take a deep dive and discover the magnificent underwater ecosystems off the coast of a tropical island.
  • Stalk deer and other animals through vast redwood trees and dense undergrowth as you make your way through the wilderness.

Retreat To Enen

  • Feel the crunch of snow and ice beneath your feet as you search for ruins in the frigid Arctic.
  • Thanks to a sophisticated weather and day/night simulation system, you can sit back and enjoy the dancing stars till the sun comes up.
  • The meditation mechanisms have been developed in partnership with registered mental health professionals in order to provide players with fresh knowledge about relaxation once they complete the game.
  • Actual meditation locations can be found throughout Retreat to Enen, providing opportunities to master breathing exercises and take part in guided meditations in real life.
  • Along with the opportunity to reflect on humanity's precarious relationship with the world in which it currently resides…

Is there a trailer?

Final Words

That’s All About Retreat To Enen. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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