Resident Evil Tv Series Review: Is It Worth Watching On Netflix?

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A Bit About Resident Evil Tv Series: Jade Wesker battles for survival in a world overrun by infected monsters fourteen years after a terrible virus precipitated a worldwide catastrophe while being tormented by her past, her father, and what happened to her sister, Billie.

Quick Facts About Resident Evil Tv Series

Resident Evil Tv Series Review

I frequently consider their metamorphosis process when I think about zombies, or rather, when a zombie program is either meticulously believable or completely unconvincing in its portrayal of the undead.

Whether it takes a long time or a short time, the process of losing your humanity and turning into a walking, growling, flesh-eating corpse usually comes to an abrupt end. At that point, the complex human being vanishes and is replaced by a single-minded (zero-minded?) creature, like a flipped switch or, as the metaphor suggests, like passing from life to death.

Resident Evil Tv Series Review

There isn't any other option. The bite is condemned to their fate if they are bitten or infected in some other way. The only thing to do is to give up.

Throughout its first six episodes, “Resident Evil” gives viewers plenty of opportunities to ponder the symbolism and realism of zombies. The spell of a made-up horror adventure is broken by gazing at eyes encircled by a distinct, indented line separating natural skin from latex.

Bad zombie acting also invites undesired distractions because of inconsistencies in movement, pace, and ferocity. (For instance, when the hero's primary defense is a trashcan lid, some zombies kindly step aside while others dive-bomb victims, penetrating body armor and skin in a single bite.)

Siena Agudong of “Resident Evil” Talks About Billie's Future, That Zombie Bite, and Clones

Siena Agudong, 17, stopped in New Raccoon City for Netflix's “Resident Evil” series before leaving for school at New York University this autumn. Based on the well-known video game series, the horror show contains rotting zombies, bloody chainsaws, and grotesque undead animal hybrids.

Resident Evil Tv Series Review

Agudong, who has already had roles on several Nickelodeon and Disney Channel show, made her first foray into the horror genre with “Resident Evil.”

She portrays Billie Wesker, one of Albert Wesker's twin daughters, who video game fans will recognize as one of the series' most notorious antagonists and the enigmatic father of Lance Reddick and Umbrella Corporation.

Together, she and her sister Jade (Tamara Smart) learn the dark secrets of Umbrella, which include a zombie virus, dead dogs, and a cloning program with a Bert clone of their father (also played by Reddick).

Billie contracts the virus after being bitten by one of the zombie dogs. Still, because Albert and Umbrella's experiments on her when she was younger, she can only partially withstand the undead need for flesh.

That is, until the climax when she briefly succumbs to the illness and bites into the arm of Simon (Connor Gosatti), a classmate. He is subsequently fatally shot by Evelyn Marcus, CEO of Umbrella (Paola Nez), before contracting the disease.

Jade and Billie are still alive (and are portrayed by Ella Balinska and Adeline Rudolph in the 2036 future narrative), but they appear more likely to kill each other than to get along. Jade gets shot by Billie, who is now in charge of Umbrella, and is left for dead, but she manages to survive narrowly.

Is Resident Evil Netflix Worth Watching?

July 13, 2021, | 3/5 | Complete Review The video game Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is average but never outright awful. A perfectly adequate additional piece of game canon.

Resident Evil Tv Series Review

It won't astound or astound you, though. If you're a fan, it's okay; otherwise, pass.

A Sequel to Resident Evil on Netflix?

It is the third live-action adaptation of the franchise following the animated miniseries Infinite Darkness, the film series of the same name, and the reboot movie. It is based on the video game series of the same name by Capcom.


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