Relic Space – A Space Sci-Fi RPG Game!

Do you enjoy space science fiction and roguelikes? Relic Space brings them all together, and it's starting to look like a game that's going to take away many hours from my life.

Relic Space is a turn-based, roguelike role-playing game in which you are tasked with assisting civilization in the aftermath of a galactic catastrophe.

As a single starship pilot, you will participate in deeply simulated, hex-based combat with a unique, fluid feel over a variety of missions set inside an epic sci-fi narrative that you will help to shape through your decisions and decisions of others.

Relic Space

The movement is similar to that of Jupiter Hell in that it is so fluid that you are often unaware that it is taking a turn each time.

The developer recently made a public demo available, and it's extremely impressive; with a couple of hours of gameplay available, it provides a fantastic glimpse into the game's world.

In a statement, the developer stated that they were heavily influenced by conventional roguelikes and that they hoped to “break new ground with the variety and complexity of randomly generated missions, and their associated subplots”

Relic Space Trailer

Relic Space Plot

It is the year 2612, and the galaxy is in complete disarray. As a member of Omega, you are a part of the Order, a group of survivors who have banded together to form an elite pilot wing.

In its original form, the Order was an elite military organization created to protect post-humanity against high impact, low probability dangers. Today, it is a community of genetically modified supersoldiers with a strong sense of tradition and a strong sense of duty.

Relic Space

Following their failure to prevent the disaster known as the Fall, their primary goal is to recover lost knowledge and restore society, which they call the Fall. Recent events, however, indicate that they are facing an emerging new threat to their very existence…

While it will have a core story campaign, it sounds like there will be a lot of content that can be replayed and will be different each time you play.

Where to get the demo?

You may check out the latest demo on and keep up with the development on Steam.

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