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After Red Dead Redemption (RDR) 2’s record-breaking launch, the entire franchise has officially sold a staggering 60 million units globally. Considered one of the best games of the decade, this Wild West-set game continues to attract new fans thanks to its detail, gameplay, and extensive map. So today we’re breaking down the basics on one of the game’s most celebrated elements — the gambling mini games.


Poker in RDR can earn you money and exclusive prizes. The main poker locations are: the main camp, Valentine, Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, Blackwater, and Tumbleweed. The poker played in-game is the Texas Hold em variation, where players are dealt two cards. But take note: the nicer the location, the higher the buy-in and the more capable the AI opponents are.

While the first few unlockable poker locations are easy, the mini game gets harder as you go along. So, it’s better to brush up on the basic rules of poker beforehand. This will allow you to maximize your hands, know when to fold, call, or bluff. And more importantly, it’ll allow you to understand hand rankings.


Blackjack in RDR 2 is only playable once you’ve progressed far enough in the main storyline. Once unlocked, though, you can play it for in-game money at the main camp, Rhodes, Van Horn, and Blackwater. One of the “easier” mini games, blackjack hinges on the player having a hand as close to 21 as possible.

However, because playing blackjack in-game can also earn you exclusive prizes, you may benefit from reading up on a beginner’s strategy for blackjack. This will teach you how to estimate your hand’s standing and the likelihood of you winning or losing based on the cards yet to be drawn.


Throughout RDR 2, there are five variations of dominoes you can play. The playable locations are the main camp, Emerald Ranch, Saint Denis, and Blackwater — though the last is only unlockable once you’ve progressed far enough in the main story. To win against your opponent in dominoes, you’ve got to empty your hand first.

This is relatively straightforward, but it does require some math and strategy. Essentially, though, you want to make sure that each tile you put down matches the number of pips on the other side, while also forcing your opponent to draw more tiles. This allows you to use up all your dominoes, while they’re forced to get more. If you win your round, you get in-game money that you can use for upgrades.

Five Finger Fillet

Five Finger Fillet is basically the RDR 2 version of Russian roulette. Playable at the start of Chapter 2, this mini game is available at four locations: the main camp, Valentine, Strawberry, and Van Horn. To play, you’ll be required to correctly press the sequence of buttons shown onscreen as fast as you can.

Hesitating or making a mistake will result in you stabbing your hand. If you succeed, that counts as a “lap” completed. If you’re successful through each lap, you can take home the initial bets you and your opponents placed. There are three variations to this game (classic, guts, and burnout), with each one more difficult than the former. Thankfully, you’re allowed three practice attempts before each formal lap.


Completing and winning each of the four mini games in RDR 2 not only earns you money and prizes but achievements and trophies, too. Players who complete the games will be happy to know that playing each of the above games unlocks the “Hobby Horse” trophy. The trophy along with several others is crucial in achieving 100% completion, which unlocks the “Best in the West” achievement. If you enjoy RDR and want to dive into another immersive survival-type game, do check out this comprehensive game introduction to Fallout 4.

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