Red and Black Mathematics: After Gerson, Flamenco’s budget predicts another R $ 90 million sale | Flamenco

Gerson's sales provided a good boost, but it did not solve all of Flamenco's monetary problems for 2021.

If the replacement for the Joker is a technical issue with the cast, the board is still concerned about the budget and will need another R $ 90 million in player departure to reach the annual goal. Balancing this need and looking for reinforcements was a challenge for Flamenco in the second half.

+ With the box office closed due to a lack of spectators in the theaters, Flamengo will reshape the budget for 2021.

Bros with Landim at the Karaoke Awards – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamenco

Negotiations with Olympique de Marseille, which ended last Friday, will guarantee 25 million euros (approximately R $ 155 million) for rubber-black treasures, in addition to the additions depending on the performance of the steering wheel in France. Of this amount, however, only மில்லியன் 5 million (PRL 31 million), which refers to the first installment, will be calculated in the 2021 budget. This is not enough for the PRL 168 million target forecast for player sales.

  • Yuri Caesar + Lincoln (January window) – R $ 42 Mile Rice
  • துலர் – R $ 1.5 miles (Credit to Montpellier)
  • Nadan – R $ 5 miles (Credit to Pracontino)
  • Gerson – R $ 31 miles (10 plots)
  • Total – R $ 79.5 miles
  • Meta – R $ 168 miles

Earlier this year, the amount, which marked the reduction of the PRL to 142 million, was maintained in March due to the need for restructuring, ensuring that the public would not return to the grounds at any time.. In this way, Flamengo arrives in June with $ 79.5 million raised through negotiations with Gerson, Nathan, Thular, Yuri Caesar and Lincoln.

It is good to point out that the budget forecast includes new sales for the season, while discounts such as Lucas Pocket and Rainier, which are already pending negotiations.

Gerson is with the Olympic team in Serbia, where he signed a contract with the Olympics – Photo: Ricardo Noguevara / CFF

Flamenco organizes its accounts in two different ways: 2021 salary values ​​and cash flow, which in practice represents the inflow and outflow of cash. In the Rabro-Negro budget for 2021, the club has $ 168 million in new transfers. In theory this value was surpassed by the sales of Lincoln, Yuri Caesar and Gerson.

Negotiations were sent for the second semester

  • R $ 9.2 miles 20% off from Vinicius Zosa to Loml SK (Belgium)
  • R $ 9.2 miles 50% off Witter Gabriel to Prague (Portugal)
  • R $ 20.6 miles 66% from Rodrigo Munich to Zenk (Belgium)
  • R $ 22 miles If he makes 12 more games for Progandino, Nathan's 70%
  • Total: R $ 61 miles * Values ​​in the current quote

However, from a practical point of view, values ​​still need to be found to close the accounts. This is because even if the value of the cursive is very high, it will be received in installments over four years.

Despite the terrible value, Flamenco believes it is possible to raise $ 90 million in the mid-year window and in negotiations tied to performance clauses. More than half have a good chance of getting out of transactions involving silverware that are already gone or in advanced negotiations: the cases of Vinicius Zosa, Witter Gabriel, Nadan and Rodrigo Munis.

Loml SK from Belgium. T-shirt Vinicius Zosa – Photo: Revelation

Vino was selected as one of the best players by Lomel SK at the last Belgian Second Division Championship. The club is owned by Grubo City and will pay 20% m 1.5m (R $ 9.2m) until the end of July, which is still owned by Flamenco, which is a trend.

Its value has already been identified as the purchase fee of 50% of the economic rights of the Portuguese Prague, Witter Gabriel. The striker has been a good contributor to Team B since the start of January 2020 with 11 goals in 26 games this season.

Nadan, on the other hand, who was loaned $ 5 million to Bragentino, will be bought by the Sao Paulo club if he plays in 20 official games until December. Facing Bahia on Saturday, he banged for the eighth time and needed 12 more appearances in the team’s planned 39 matches for the season.

Finally, Flamenco has advanced negotiations with Jenk from Belgium to sell Rodrigo Muniz. The club has already accepted the offer of 5 million euros (R $ 31m) and 20% of future sales and is only waiting to settle with the Belgian striker to confirm the transaction.

Flamengo will own two-thirds (R $ 20.6m) of this amount, as agreed by Desportivo Brazil. 50% of the attacker's rights belong to Ballistas, but the deal must end. If the offer is confirmed, it would be worth almost R $ 40m at current prices.

Nadan, Bracandino Defender – Photo: Ari Ferreira / Red Bull Bracandino

There is also the expectation that first team players will be harassed. This is the situation of Everton Ribeiro, who approached Al Nasser in the United Arab Emirates in January, signaling a new attack on the window that opens on August 12 in the local league.

Flamenco also uses mathematics from the field to calculate points and target differences in controversies for Brazil, Libertadores and Copa du Brazil.