Reboot Season 1 Review – Comedy Series From Modern Family!

Reboot Season 1 Review: Hulu‘s “Reboot,” a clever metaseries from Steven, purports to add to the algorithm-friendly craze of TV reboots. Some of the best moments of this fast-paced circus of funny one-liners & shaky creative connections show how the show's own family is formed in response to the evolving standards of television humor. “Reboot” is a smart & funny ode to the effort that goes into the timeless form of the sitcom & it achieves this by treating meta-narrative with a blend of contemporary and older senses of humor.

The first 2 episodes are very meta in a way that isn't very funny, what with the rebooted series being launched by Hulu & the various original cast members of the sitcom having fallen into ruts that, while common for those who have left a successful sitcom, don't feel all that interesting to explore. Reboot is a terrific, amusing & fascinating comedy once you get past the Ist episode & a half & the show gets rid of the “twist” that appears artificial at Ist but pays wonderful benefits later in the season. Which, let's be real, isn't simple to do, especially for a series with as many hungry viewers as this one.

Detailed Review of Reboot Season 1

Reboot Season 1 Review

Hannah has grand intentions to give the program a modern facelift. But Gordon thwarted her efforts. His sense of humor is rooted in the early to mid-2000s: There is a plethora of boob jokes & the characters trip & fall for laughter. Her wit stems from more introspective concerns, such as those of abandonment, longing & sexual identity. Gordon uses a trip to SeaWorld as an example of a good time. Hannah sighs and shrugs her shoulders at the thought. “Who doesn't like SeaWorld?” he shrugs. Where you are, dolphins abound. She screams, “The dolphins!” when she sees a pod swimming by.

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The fact that Hannah & Gordon are estranged daughters & fathers whose problems have surfaced at work only serves to heighten the tension between them. Gordon brings in a seasoned writing staff to give her trio of up & comers a run for their money & the resulting competition creates a goldmine of ideas. All those senior citizens with their “insensitive & indecent” humor. Gordon's one-word challenge to name an inherently “funny dish” highlights the generational gap. Millennials prefer oatmeal for breakfast. That boomer? Pickle.

Reboot Season 1 Review

The entertainment industry “Reboot” mocks is one in which it has found a permanent home. Episodes are titled after popular television shows from the past & present, such as “New Girl,” “Growing Pains,” & “What We Do in the Shadows,” and there are many allusions to the streaming service that broadcasts the show. One character sarcastically notes that it was the same network that gave “The Handmaid's Tale” a fifth season. In theory, it's possible to do anything. The cast's chemistry is what elevates this show from average to hilarious in a charmingly dysfunctional way.

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